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I’m a TV Editor - and these are my top brand new UK shows coming out in 2024

Check out our top picks of brand new shows coming to the UK in 2024 

One Day still
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
11 January 2024
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So many TV shows, so little time. So we looked at the line-up of upcoming UK shows so that you don’t have to! While there are plenty of incredible series landing in 2024, as HELLO!’s TV Editor, here are my top picks of the thrillers, historical dramas, real-life tales and comedies that I suspect everyone will be talking about! 

Shuggie Bain is being adapted by BBC

Shuggie Bain - BBC

An adaptation of a truly brilliant book by Douglas Stuart, the show will be set in 1980s Glasgow and follow the troubled mother and son relationship of Snuggie and Agnes. Despite having a close bond, Agnes struggles with alcoholism, leaving Shuggie to care for her as he struggles to become a more "normal" person. 

James Norton in Playing Nice

Playing Nice - ITVX

This psychological thriller sees James Norton return as king of the TV dramas as a concerned dad who discovers that his toddler was switched at birth and isn’t his after all. Meeting the other parents concerned, the families decide to keep the sons they have and become more involved in each other’s lives. But does the other family have ulterior motives? 

One Day still© Netflix

One Day - Netflix

Another novel adaptation, this time from David Nicholls, follows Dexter and Emma, two best friends who spend years concealing their feelings for one another as well as having a series of near-misses that always keep them apart, despite being pretty in love with each other. After a movie with some seriously mixed reviews, this Netflix series looks like a very promising retelling of the beloved tale. 

derry girls final ep© Photo: Channel 4

How to Get to Heaven from Belfast - Channel 4

Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee is back for a new show with a murderous twist, and I couldn’t be more here for it. The series will follow 30-somethings Saoirse, Robyn and Dara who attend the funeral of an old classmate, only to get embroiled in a dark and twisted mystery. Sign me up. 

Jonah Hauer King as Harry Chase in World on Fire© Barney Cokeliss,BBC

The Tattooist of Auschwitz - Sky

Heather Morris’ bestselling novel tells the true story of Lale, a prisoner in Auschwitz who was tasked with tattooing arms in the horrific concentration camp during WWII. With World on Fire star Jonah Hauer-King playing Lale, I have no doubt it will be a very impactful drama and definitely worth the watch. 

Elizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey and Doon Mackichan as Melanie Parker in Death in Paradise© Denis Guyenon,BBC

Death in Paradise fans get yet another addition to the cinematic universe with this new entry, this time taking place in Australia! For one detective, returning to her hometown is the last thing she wanted to do, but you have to go where the murder goes, you know? Little is known about casting just yet, but we can’t wait to find out more! 

The Roadtrip is currently filming

The Roadtrip - Paramount+

Another Beth O’Leary adaptation? Yes please. This sweet rom-com follows a split-up couple who have no choice but to drive cross country together for a mutual friend’s wedding - only for the reasons behind their split, and their lingering love for one another, coming to the surface for the journey. Expect tears, drama, and hopefully a happily ever after!

Happy Valley and Hot Flush creator Sally Wainwright © BBC

Riot Women - BBC

Happy Valley’s triumphant screenwriter Sally Wainwright (after all, how could she not be after that third and final season?!) is back with a very different show, this time in a homage to a show she loved back in the 1970s, Rock Follies, and follows five women "of a certain age" who team up to make a pink rock band. 

Renegade Nell is coming to Disney+ in 2024

Renegade Nell - Disney+

Speaking of Sally, the screenwriter who is also well known for Gentleman Jack returns with another period drama, this time full of fantasy and starring Derry Girls’ Louisa Harland as Nell, a quick-witted and courageous woman framed for murder and becoming a notorious highwaywoman - with the help of a magical spirit. 

Stags - Paramount+

Stags - Paramount+

A stag do with a murderous twist, the story follows a groom-to-be, Stu, and his mates as they had to his bachelor party in South America. After a week of fun, the group don’t end up getting their flight back, but are instead sent to a prison island run by two warring siblings, meaning that the gang need to choose sides to get back alive. 

Emily Maitlis© Getty

A Very Royal Scandal - Prime Video

We know that Michael Sheen is something of a chameleon, having previously starred as Tony Blair and Chris Tarrant on shows before, but this time he is getting the royal treatment by transforming into Prince Andrew for a retelling of the now-infamous interview with Newsnight journalist Emily Maitlis. The show, which is also set to star Luther’s Ruth Wilson as Emily, will follow the journalist’s journey up until the interview with the royal over his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. 

Baby Reindeer

Baby Reindeer - Netflix

Comedian Richard Gadd’s stand-up show about his real-life stalker was a total smash hit, and with such a dark and compelling premise, we can’t wait to see the adaptation. The true story follows Richard’s "warped" relationship with a stalker who sent him over 40,000 emails as well as phone calls, countless social media messages and more. The synopsis reads: "Baby Reindeer follows the writer and performer Richard Gadd’s warped relationship with his female stalker and the impact it has on him as he is ultimately forced to face a deep, dark buried trauma." 

Sarah plays Catherine Cawood in the hit BBC show, Happy Valley© Ben Blackall

Black Doves - Netflix

Written by The Lazarus Project showrunner Joe Barton with names like This is Going to Hurt's Ben Whishaw, Happy Valley's Sarah Lancashire and Keira Knightley starring, we think this will be one of the TV events of the year. The story follows Helen Webb, a politician’s wife and spy who has been passing on her husband’s secrets to the 'Black Doves' organisation. However, when her lover is murdered, her life is turned upside down. 

The Death of Bunny Munroe - Sky© HBO

The Death of Bunny Munroe - Sky

House of the Dragon star Matt Smith is set to star in the adaptation of Nick Cave’s novel, which follows a man who finds himself a single parent after his wife dies by suicide. The door-to-door beauty product salesman then has to take on a road trip with his nine-year-old son as the pair of them deal with their feelings of grief. 

Queenie on Channel 4

Queenie - Channel 4

We feel like we’ve waited forever for this adaptation, and it’s finally here (well, almost). The story follows 25-year-old journalist Queen Jenkins, and is the story about a young Black woman’s value and the unrelenting trials and tribulations of life. 

The synopsis reads: "After a messy breakup from her long-term boyfriend Tom, Queenie seeks comfort in all the wrong places and begins to realise she has to face the past head-on before she can rebuild."