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Viewers point out flaw in Death in Paradise episode - did you spot it? 

Death in Paradise's Neville Parker made a mistake - did you see what it was? 

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Fans have been enjoying season nine of Death in Paradise, particularly thanks to the arrival of a new detective, DCI Neville Parker, to keep things interesting! Since Neville, played by Ralf Little, was only meant to be on the island for a short while, his diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis means that he has to remain on St. Marie for several weeks before he is allowed to fly back to the UK again - despite having a variety of different allergies that the island exacerbates. 

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In Thursday night's episode, the detective needed to use his inhaler - and plenty of viewers took to Twitter to point out he hadn't used it properly. One fan wrote: "I love this show but the new DI has very poor inhaler technique #mostexpensiveinhaleristheoneyoucantuseproperly." Another added: "[He] didn't use his inhaler properly." A third person shared their opinion that his illnesses made the character unlikeable, explaining: "I hate how they write the main character. They use illness as a way to make him annoying and unlikeable. Also that’s not how you use an inhaler - you breathe in while you puff, not after." 

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What do you think about the new detective?

However, Ralf Little's detective appears to have been a hit with plenty of viewers, with one writing: "The very fact that @RalfLittle's Neville is annoying and you all hate him is proof he’s a great actor playing a brilliant part. I love him, he’s normal." Another person added: "I get why people find him annoying, (I mean... he's meant to be???) but I also find Neville super funny and kinda down to Earth. I like him, he's growing on me." Another fan tweeted: "Love this show, Neville and all the characters are great. You don't have to think too much, just accept it for what it is. Perfect escapism!" 

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Ralf previously opened up to HELLO! and other reporters about his character's many allergies, explaining: "He is allergic to everything. Every type of pollen brings on hay fever, the salt water in the sea brings him out in rashes… He gets sunburned really easily – he struggles. He physically struggles all of the time. That's what we had to work out because we didn't just want somebody who was just complaining all the time," he said. "So we had to try and find this way of somebody who's like, 'Look, I'm not trying to be difficult. This is just the reality of my life. I would love it here but it's very, very difficult for me.' It still frustrates all his team, it still frustrates everyone. They'll turn up to a crime scene and be like, 'Right, let's go and investigate,' and he'll be like, 'Oh, hold on there's some long grass, let me just put some antihistamine cream.' So he really struggles… It's not like he's a hypochondriac, all of it is real. He just has to manage his experiences."