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Gogglebox star Sid Siddiqui posts heartbreaking message after missing show 

The Gogglebox fan favourite usually stars in the show alongside his two sons

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Gogglebox star Sid Siddiqui has spoken of his "sadness" after missing several episodes of the popular Channel 4 show due to social distancing. Sharing a snap of himself in a red polo shirt chilling out on the sofa, he tweeted: "A big hi to all my friends, I don’t feel you’re fans but my best and close friends I am sorry for my absence from #Gogglebox, your kind & beautiful messages always overwhelm me with touch of sadness. These difficult times will pass. Please #bestrong #besafe." 


Sid shared a selfie

Sid was supported by his fans, with one writing: "You’re like our extended family Sid. I always love when I see the bins and know we’re heading into yours for a cuppa & catch up. The boys are doing a fab job and are a credit to you and Mrs S but I do miss your giggle. Stay safe & we’ll meet again." Another added: "Your boys are doing a great job but it’s not the same without you on the sofa. Take care." The Derby-based TV personality has been trying out some other projects while in lockdown, and recently opened up about his career for his son Baasit's educational YouTube channel. Sharing the link on Twitter, Baasit wrote: "The latest career sound bite is (naturally) close to my heart. Big thanks to @goggleboxsid (aka dad) for helping create a nice home learning resource giving an insight in to amazing careers out there. Have a listen & pls share with schools & families." 

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Fans have also been missed elderly pair Mary and Marina, who have also skipped several episodes of Gogglebox due to being unable to film during the lockdown in their retirement village. The show's producer Tania Alexander recently reassured those concerned that Mary and Marina were okay, writing: "We speak each week. They are fine. Thank you for your concern." Replying to another fan, she added: "Yes they’re fine."

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