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Gogglebox's real house prices: Giles and Mary, the Siddiquis and more

Find out the estimated property prices of  Pete and Sophie Sandiford, Jenny and Lee and more…  

Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
Updated: 19 April 2024
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Channel 4's long-running show Gogglebox has a cast of characters who viewers have come to know and love over the years. Each week we love nothing more than tuning in to see what our favourite critics have to say about the week's TV.

We also love getting a glimpse inside their homes, but if you've ever found yourself wondering how much their properties are worth, you're not alone. Keep reading to get an idea of how much the homes of these Gogglebox stars could cost…

Pete and Sophie live at Sophie's home in Blackpool© Channel 4

Pete and Sophie Sandiford

Brother and sister duo Pete and Sophie Sandiford never fail to make us laugh. 

The pair film scenes for the show the home where Pete and Sophie used to live together before he moved out to live with his wife Paige and their adorable little boy, Jimmy.

The home is in Blackpool where the family are from and is estimated to be worth around £190k, judging by similar properties in the local area. 

Sophie once told The Metro before her brother moved out: "We live in the same house.

"Pete bought the house and did it up. I sneakily just pitched up with my stuff one day and said, 'I'm not going home.' 

"That's how I moved in. Then I bought the house off Pete."

Ellie and Izzi are fan favourites from the show© Instagram

Ellie and Izzi Warner

Sisters Ellie and Izzi from Leeds have been another favourite pair since they joined back in 2015. 

The duo film at Ellie's home, thought to be around the £250k mark, although that might have increased thanks to the gorgeous makeover Ellie gave it in recent years.

The hairdresser and TV star, who lives with her boyfriend Nat and their baby boy Ezra, was previously updating fans on the Instagram page dedicated to her home renovations at her 1930s home.

Rooms such as the living room, bedrooms and hallway were all giving a colourful glow-up. Check out all the best photos of the property. 

Amira and Amina from Gogglebox© Instagram

Amira and Amani

Another sister pair that viewers adore is Amira and Amani. The duo never fail to crack us up with their witty one-liners as they watch TV from the comfort of their home in London.

The siblings film in their parent's house located in north London, where properties can average up to £700k if not more. 

Away from the show, Amani and Amira both have normal jobs, with the former working in customer service and the latter as a retail manager.

Lee Riley standing with Jenny Newby

Jenny and Lee

Friends Jenny and Lee have been on the show for a long time so die-hard fans of Gogglebox will know that they film from Lee's caravan in Hull.

But both Jenny and Lee have separate properties away from the cosy mobile home on their local site, with Lee having an abode in Cyprus that he shares with his partner, Steve, and Jenny living with her partner in a home in Hull.

As for the static home that Lee owns, it's worth an estimated £35k.

Giles and Mary in Wiltshire© Channel 4

Giles and Mary

Giles and Mary affectionately call their home in Wiltshire their 'Grottage' thanks to its eccentric charm. 

In an interview with Idler, Mary admitted that their home has had its problems, but it's come to be appreciated by anyone they welcome inside.

"Visitors actually like the grottiness because it makes them feel happy that their own house is superior. In some ways it's rude to have a spotless mansion."

According to reports, their home was valued just under £400k in 2021, however, that's likely to have risen over the years.

Siddiqui family on sofa© @baasitsiddiqui/X

The Siddiquis

Patriarch Sid Siddiqui has welcomed his sons Umar, Baasit and Raza into his home to film scenes for Gogglebox since the show began and viewers adore the whole family.

Although his grown-up sons live with their own young families now, the father and sons still sit on the sofa each week watching TV. Sid's home is located in Derby and is estimated to be worth around £220k.

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Sue and Steve from Gogglebox© Instagram

Sue and Steve

Husband and wife duo Sue and Steve live in London and have been a part of the show since 2019. 

Steve works as a London cabbie while Sue is retired. 

The couple films scenes from their living room which always looks pristine and stylish! The property located in the capital is said to be worth more than £700k.

The Malones are a fan favourite family on Gogglebox© Channel 4

The Malones

The Malones have also been on the show for a while now and the north England based family certainly don't hold back when it comes to giving their opinion on what they’re watching on TV.

The home, located in Manchester, is a five-bedroom property thought to be worth around the £400k mark.

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