Brendan Cole on Celebrity SAS

Brendan Cole breaks silence over being axed from Celebrity SAS 

The former Strictly pro was axed by Ant Middleton in the latest episode of the popular show 

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Brendan Cole has spoken of his disappointment in being axed on Celebrity SAS, and said that he wasn't ready to leave the experience. Chatting in an interview with The Version, that the former Strictly pro then retweeted on Twitter, he explained: "I was devastated and it took me a good amount of time to get over [it]." 


Brendan opened up about the show

He continued: "A lot of people walked because they couldn’t take it but I wasn’t even close to that stage so for them to ask for my number and cull me was tough. It wasn’t easy to take but that’s showbiz! I still achieved a lot within the week, so I’m proud of myself for that." He also spoke about whether he was tempted to respond to Ant Middleton's criticisms, explaining: "There were a couple of times when things didn’t go my way in the sense that I knew I could have done better than I did. In those moments you want to give an excuse, you feel a need to explain because you feel there’s a reason for something not happening... I wanted to explain the reason behind it but of course they don't care, they don’t want excuses because there are none in SAS territory when you are out in the field." 

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Brendan was the latest celeb to leave Celebrity SAS

Viewers were deeply disappointed when Brendan was the latest celebrity to leave the series, with many suggesting that it was unfair that he left. One person wrote: "If I was Brendan Cole I'd have been dead proud of not giving in and completing that task, instead he's made to feel like [expletive]. These SAS are on another level." Another added: "#CelebritySAS lost me tonight. I had until now looked upon it as fair. Not tonight. Brendan was picked on and relentlessly hounded and he didn’t break. And you got rid of him anyway. Poor. The rest of it will feel like a fix." 

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