Celebrity SAS viewers spot a major mistake in latest episode

Brendan Cole became the latest star to leave the series

Gemma Strong

Eagle-eyed Celebrity SAS viewers were surprised to spot a continuity error during Sunday night's episode. The contestants had to endure a particularly brutal challenge on the show, which saw them instructed to link arms and lie back in the freezing Scottish sea for 25 minutes. They were watched by Ant Middleton and his team of Special Forces colleagues throughout the task, designed to test teamwork, calmness and strength of character. However, fans believed they spotted a major error, with a number taking to Twitter to question why some celebs seemed to have switched places during the challenge.


One post included screenshots in which Tony Bellow, Lauren Stedman and Brendan Cole have taken up different positions in the line, suggesting the task had been stopped and restarted on at least one occasion. "So that walk into the water took 3 or 4 takes? Brendan, Lauren and the boxer bloke swapped around about 5 times. Fake," another viewer remarked. Someone else asked Brendan directly: "What's with the editing on the sea challenge?!! One minute it shows you next to Lauren then it shows you next to Tony?! How's that work?"

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Brendan became the latest star to leave the series on Sunday, after failing to carry former heavyweight boxer Tony across a beach. Subsequently, the show was criticised for "double standards" by being too hard on him and giving other contestants a free pass. Brendan told the Evening Standard he was disappointed to be kicked off. "I would have loved to have been there at the end,” he said. “I would never have left of my own accord. I’d have had to have been broken in half before leaving because I don’t quit, it’s not in my nature to do that. So, in terms of them taking my armband, that was their decision. They had their reasons, as much as I disagree with them, that’s the way it goes."

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He continued: "You know what you sign up for when you do it, so you’ve got to take it on the chin more than anything but it’s never an easy one. If I’d had my choice I would have stayed."

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