Gogglebox's Shaun Malone becomes first-time dad and reveals baby's name

The Malone family might need a bigger sofa!

Gemma Strong

Congratulations to Gogglebox star Shaun Malone, who has welcomed his first baby! The delighted new dad took to Twitter to celebrate the happy news, and proudly revealed the little boy's name. "Super happy to announce the birth of my son Louis Malone," he told his fans.

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"Thanks for everyone's interest, mother and baby are both doing well. I couldn't be more proud of my girlfriend. I wouldn't be that brave having my belly cut open!"

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Shaun appears on the Channel 4 reality show with his mum Julie, dad Tom Sr and brother Tom Jr – and his parents also took to Twitter to celebrate the new arrival. "So excited to welcome our new grandson Louis!! Can't wait to meet him. Congratulations!!" they wrote.


Shaun revealed his newborn son's name on Twitter

The happy news comes after Shaun opened up about his experience on Gogglebox, telling the Coaching From The Coach podcast: "It is a right good laugh, I have got to be honest. It is fun to do.

"As you grow up, you spend less time having family time, so it's nice as it makes us as a family have to do that, so that's the good thing about doing it.

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The Malone family joined Gogglebox back in 2014

"It is a good laugh but don't get me wrong, we do start rowing about who is eating too many cakes!"

Shaun also spoke in the interview about the terrifying moment he nearly died as a teenager. He explained: "In 2010 I got sinusitis and in some way, the infection found its way back to my brain. My brain started swelling and my skull started crushing it so my mum took me to A&E saying, 'Look he’s poorly!’ and they said it was sinusitis.

"And then I collapsed one day at home and I ended up going into a coma and they said to my mum and dad that I had a less than ten per cent chance of living."



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