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Fans think they have caught out actor in Derren Brown: 20 Years of Mind Control 

Did you watch the Channel 4 special on Sunday night?

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Viewers tuned in to Channel 4's Derren Brown: 20 Years of Mind Control on Sunday night, which looked at some of Derren's most impressive tricks over the years. Among them, the mentalist convinced participants to believe they were in a zombie apocalypse, push someone off the side of a build and even assassinate Stephen Fry. However, a couple of eagle-eyed fans were determined that they had caught Derren out during the special. Find out why... 

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Did you enjoy watching the one-off special?

In the episode, several people noticed that Chris, the man who was tricked into 'shooting' Stephen Fry, had appeared earlier in the show. One person wrote: "The guy who shot Stephen Fry is also the same guy in the ice bath earlier in the show. Paid actor just like the rest," while another added: "Never noticed the guy who was the assassin is the guy who was hypnotised to sit in the ice bath, terrific actor." 

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Are you a fan of Derren?

However, viewers were quickly corrected by fellow fans, with one writing: "The ice bath scene was part of the process to be chosen as the one to perform the assassination." In reply, one relieved viewer wrote: "Thanks for clearing that up, I'd made the same mistake! So relieved as hugely enjoy what Derren does would have been so disappointed." 

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A participant from a previous show also replied to the thread speaking about their own experience, writing: "I have been hypnotised by Derren and I've met & Skyped Andy Nyman on several occasions too, I can confirm that Derren has never used a Stooge, he would lose his career. Derren is just VERY good at his craft." 

Following the episode, fans were treated to Derren Brown's Apocalypse, where he convinces a regular guy that the world has ended. Steve Brosnan, the participant in the trick, tweeted along with the episode, writing: "I was so thirsty in the back of the ambulance!! All I wanted was to drink  the water bottles in the back but I didn’t know if they would be infected or not!" 

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