Ralf Little opens up about when Death in Paradise might end

Ralf Little has chatted about Death in Paradise's future

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Ralf Little has opened up about the future of Death in Paradise. The star, who joined the show in season nine as the new lead, Neville Parker, revealed that he hoped he wouldn't be the person to end the show!

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Chatting to HELLO! and other reporters about whether the show will keep going, he said: "I certainly hope so, unless I kill it off! If I'm terrible. I could be for Death in Paradise was George Clooney was for Batman. You'd need Christian Bale to come into Death in Paradise and resurrect it!"

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He continued: "I hope so. Its appeal is hard to quantify. People talk a lot about the escapism of it, which is definitely a thing because of the time of year and it's just beautiful, gorgeous. But it is more than that. I think that does a disservice. I think it's just that I think once you've done a couple you realise quite how - it's an amazing effort from a writing point of view."


Praised the writers, Ralf explained: "It's an amazing thing, they've got this formula. So in every episode they do a setup of new characters, a murder, a whole puzzle, a really complex, complicated puzzle that has to be unthreaded, a red herring plot, comedy subplot, and our character overarching stories that go across the whole series. And they do all that in an hour… And the fact that they make it look easy makes it even more impressive. I just think the formula works beautifully. I just hope people like me doing it!"

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It looks like Ralf doesn't have anything to worry about, as viewers took to Twitter to praise him following his first episode on Thursday. One fan wrote: "I didn't think I would get over Jack but love Neville already.

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"He's a great addition and already makes everything funnier." Another people added: "He'll be just fine! So glad all the inspectors play it slightly differently. Love @RalfLittle so far."

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