GMB Piers and Susanna

Piers Morgan slams Good Morning Britain's new weatherman on his first day 

Piers blamed Des after he was caught fixing his microphone pack on air 

Emmy Griffiths

Piers Morgan has criticised Good Morning Britain's new weatherman, Des Coleman, on his very first day of the job! The presenter was caught fixing his microphone pack after Des' segment was cut short due to technical difficulties, and quickly blamed the reporter for the mishap. 

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WATCH: Piers banters with new GMB weatherman Des Coleman

Des, who was previously an EastEnders actor, took the criticism in his stride, and jokily bantered with Piers about exactly what happened. Piers said: "Des, rule one mate: you don’t end early. While I’m in make-up being beautified, you don’t end early... 'Des the weather guy has ended early', I’m like what? Why’s he done that? Just keep talking about the weather." 

Susanna defended him, saying: "Do not blame the weather presenter, it’s his first day. It’s not his fault." Fans took to Twitter to support Des, with one writing: "Loving Des. Great charisma! #GMB." Another added: "Good to see Des doing the national weather on #GMB today. He's marvellous!" A third person wrote: "Ooooo Des is on GMB, I love him."


Des previously starred in EastEnders

Viewers are delighted that Piers and Susanna are back on our screens after a long summer holiday, and the pair recently raised eyebrows after discussing fat-shaming on the show on Monday.

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Piers said: "Like a lot of people through lockdown, especially when you bust your ankle up, I have! I'm carrying too much weight. I reckon I put on at least half a stone, three-quarters of a stone. I need to be fat-shamed to get it off." In agreement, Susanna declared: "Yes, you fat person, lose the weight. It's about time, chubster." Unimpressed with her "honest" outburst, Piers quipped: "Wow."

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