Will there be a season two of Netflix's Away?

Hilary Swank stars in the sci-fi drama

Francesca Shillcock

Sci-fi drama Away landed on Netflix last weekend and proved to be an instant hit with viewers. The ten-part series, which stars Hilary Swank as astronaut Emma Green sent off on a three year mission to Mars, left many fans at home feeling emotional, and in desperate need of more episodes!

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So will there be a season two? Here's what we know…

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Fans are desperate for a second season of Away

Will there be a season two of Away?

As of yet, Netflix haven't announced whether they'll be another season of the sci-fi series, but given its popularity, we wouldn't be surprised if more episodes were given the green light. However, even if a second season is confirmed by the streaming giant, it's unlikely fans will be able to watch anytime soon.

The first season was commissioned back in 2018, so if series two follows the same pattern, not forgetting the filming restrictions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it could be a while before we see another ten episodes. We're sure it would be worth the wait!


Hilary Swank as Emma in Away

What will season two of Away be about?

The crew's three-year mission was started in the first season, so it's likely that a second series will focus on the years after their arrival on Mars, no doubt focusing on the intensities of exploring another planet and investigating the possibilities of a permanent settlement for man on Mars.

The story of the Green family will also no doubt be explored further in the new series, perhaps focusing on Lex's journey through school and coping with family life without her mum.


Season two will no doubt further explore the Green family coping without Emma

Who stars in Netflix Away?

Double Academy Award nominee Hilary Swank stars in the leading role as Emma Green, an American astronaut preparing to lead an international crew on the first mission to Mars. The Good Wife star Josh Charles stars as her husband and Talitha Bateman as their daughter, Lex. Also starring in the series is Vivian Lu, Ato Essandoh and Ray Panthaki.

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