The Undoing viewers saying the same thing about the show's finale 

Did you see the plot twist coming?

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The Undoing's finale aired on Sky on Monday night - and viewers are saying the same thing about the conclusion of the critically acclaimed drama.

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The series followed a couple, Grace and Jonathan, who find themselves embroiled in a murder investigation following the gruesome death of a young mother who Jonathan was having an affair with. 

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While the six-part series hinted that a number of different characters could have been suspects involved in the murder, including Grace, her son Henry and her friend Sylvia, the show's finale confirmed that the original suspect - Jonathan - was the right one all along, and that he killed Elena in a fit of rage. 


It was revealed that Jonathan was the killer all along

Needless to say, viewers were shocked that the identity of the murderer ended up being the most seemingly obvious culprit, with many taking to Twitter to apologise to the other characters who, as it turns out, were innocent all along. 

One person wrote: "The fact that #TheUndoing had us creating theories on how every character could have been the killer, while simultaneously not paying attention to the obvious killer right in front of our face has me in awe. And then the acting woah!" Another added: "They told us who the killer was day one and I accused everyone except him." 

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A third person tweeted: "My apologies to Sylvia, Mendoza, Henry, Grandpa, the Headmaster, that one mom in the cream coat, the kids in the park, the doorman, juror # 6, etc, whom all were suspects in my head the past [six] weeks. My bad." 

The finale saw Jonathan suggest to Grace that their son Henry could have been behind the murder after they discover that he has been concealing the murder weapon in order to protect his dad. 


Viewers joked that they were accusing everyone except Jonathan

In response, Grace takes to the stand seemingly to support her husband, while secretly tipping off the prosecution that Jonathan has a narcissistic personality disorder in order to guarantee he is found guilty of the crime and ultimately protecting her son. Did you see the ending coming? 

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