This is how Ben Miller with return to Death in Paradise, according to fans 

Warning, spoilers ahead for seasons one and two of Death in Paradise

Emmy Griffiths

Death in Paradise fans were delighted by the recent news that Ben Miller, who played DI Richard Poole on the hit show in seasons one and two, will be returning to the island of St. Marie in season ten. 

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However, since his character met an untimely end of the show after being killed off, viewers have taken to social media to discuss how his character's return will be explained. 

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WATCH: A first look at Ben's return in season ten

There have been plenty of theories, with one of the most popular ones being that Richard somehow managed to fake his own death. One person tweeted: "Richard Poole is still my favourite #DeathInParadise D.I. I’ll welcome any appearance by @ActualBenMiller though I prefer to think his character’s death NEVER happened and Richard was just transferred back to England & is happily tucking into a plate of roast beef." 


Are you looking forward to his return?

Another added: "I DON´T WANT DREAMS OR FLASHBACKS. I want him (in the series) ALIVE. Cos he's very, very alive for us.  ALWAYS. Will things be done right this time?" 


Ralf Little is the current detective on the show

Others think that the appearance will be part of a flashback, with one writing: "10th-anniversary special - returning cast solve a massive case - the key is a clue unearthed by Richard ten years ago. Cue flashback. Mark my words." There was even a twin theory, with one fan posting: "Twin Brother? Flashback? Risen from the dead, what could it be!" 

Of course, the Doctor Who fandom also had their say, with one writing: "This will confirm my headcanon that the entire show is based around a simulation in the TARDIS, where the Master has trapped The Doctor and keeps him busy solving impossible murder cases to keep him from escaping. @ActualBenMiller will step out of the TARDIS at the end." 

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