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Nigella Lawson breaks silence over her pronunciation of microwave

The celebrity chef had the nation in giggles with her way of saying microwave on Cook, Eat, Repeat 

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Nigella Lawson changed the course of cooking and perhaps the English language on her show, Cook, Eat, Repeat on Monday night after mispronouncing 'microwave' as 'me-crow-wav-vay'.

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While viewers flocked to Twitter to discuss her vernacular, the queen of cooking has since replied to a fan to discuss the moment on the show - and she has a very reasonable explanation! 

WATCH: The iconic moment that Nigella said 'microwave' on Cook, Eat, Repeat

After a fan commented: "Microwave said very oddly on your last program?" she replied: "I know. On purpose." 

Discussing her fun way of referring to the kitchen appliance, one Twitter user wrote, "2020 has thrown a lot of curveballs at us but I was truly not expecting the way Nigella Lawson says microwave to be one of them."

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Nigella is wowing viewers with her gorgeous recipes on the show

Another added: "I'm loving the new series of Nigella.  Double buttered toast,  double carbs, all the greatest condiments and the best pronunciation of microwave. Ever." A third person tweeted: "Nigella is unstoppable now. She is fully unchained, and the rest of us can only look on in shock and awe." 

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MORENigella Lawson's daily diet: what the glamorous cook eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Nigella released a book of the same name earlier this year, and recently opened up about writing a new series of recipes during lockdown, as people queued up to go shopping in supermarkets. 

Back in October, she told The Guardian: "It was hard. But I suppose that survival thing kicked in, and it felt important to think about food because it became clear [during lockdown] that it gave structure, sustenance and pleasure. 

She added that she enjoyed her enforced break from work, saying: "[It was] wonderful, which I know sounds awful. But I’m very happy not having to fill up my life going to things. I very much like having no public life." 

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