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WandaVision: 5 questions about what on earth is happening 

Warning, potential spoilers ahead for WandaVision

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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WandaVision's first two episodes premiered on Disney+ on Friday, and we are already full of questions about Marvel's bizarre sitcom-style show. First things first, in this universe, Vision is still alive and well. Secondly, there seems to be something trying to reach Wanda. So what does it all mean? We have put together our most burning questions so far... 

Who is the beekeeper? 

In a truly bizarre moment in episode two, Wanda and Vision explore a noise outside only to discover that a person dressed in a beekeeping outfit is emerging from a pothole in the middle of the road. So... what on earth was that all about? 

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The beekeeper's suit has a logo on the behind which reads "SWORD", standing for Sentient World Observation and Response Department. In the Marvel comics, SWORD is an agency who deals with extraterrestrial threats. So why are they involved in Wanda and Vision's little world? Only time will tell. 

Who is watching the monitors? 

At the end of episodes one and two, it is revealed that the sitcom is happening on a screen, and someone is sat watching it. So who is this mysterious person? Could they also be working for SWORD? 

wanda vision

The show sees Wanda living in a sitcom-type world

Is this world under Wanda's control or is she trapped? 

In the first two episodes, Wanda appears confused when she hears voices calling out to her from the radio, and even mentions her concerns to Vision. However, when she sees the beekeeper, she says a firm "No" and rewinds time, beginning the sequence of events again but with a different ending. So is Wanda trapped in this world, or is she controlling it? 

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The show has given some hints about what is going on 

What did the toaster signify?

In a random moment of episode two, the show cuts to a "commercial" advertising a new Stark Industries toaster. In the advert, the toaster beeps several times, which viewers have pointed out sounds like a bomb.

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One person tweeted: "I think the Stark toaster clearly represents the bomb that killed her parents and the Strucker watch represents Baron von Strucker, the HYDRA leader who experimented on her. The room even looks like a cage." 

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Are you a fan of the show?

What was the toy helicopter all about? 

Wanda is alarmed to find a brightly coloured helicopter that shows up in the front garden of her black-and-white world, so what is it, and how did it get there? Some fans think that the helicopter was attempting to find it's way into Wanda's created world from the real world, and was reduced to a toy when entering the different reality. Intriguing! 

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