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Everything we know about Lupin part two

The Netflix show will return sooner than you think…

lupin part two
Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
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Lupin arrived on Netflix at the start of this year and immediately rose to the top of TV-lovers' watch list. The French series proved so popular that its ratings (around 70 million) made it a strong contender to rival the likes of Netflix heavyweights Bridgerton and The Queen's Gambit.

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So it's no wonder that fans were delighted when it was announced that part two would arrive this summer with Omar Sy reprising his role as the slick Assane Diop.

But before the second half of the story lands on the streaming platform – here's everything we know about the upcoming episodes...

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When is Lupin part two out?

Last week, Netflix took to social media to announce that the second half of Lupin season one would be out this summer, although there's no official date yet – we'll keep you posted!

Fortunately for fans, the quick turnaround is a result of all ten episodes being filmed in one go. This means that there are no lengthy delays as new episodes are already written, and no risk of coronavirus restrictions getting in the way.

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netflix lupin 3© Photo: Netflix

Omar Sy will return as Assane Diop this summer

What will Lupin Part Two be about?

Many will no doubt be desperate to find out what happened to Assane's 14-year-old son Raoul, who was kidnapped at the end of part one by one of villain Pellegrini's henchmen.

Part two will also pick up on Assane's journey to bring down Pellegrini for the wrongful arrest, and subsequent death, of his father 25 years prior.

Many are also wondering what will come of the relationship between Assane and Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) after the two were engaged in a conversation that saw Assane ask for another chance, just before they realised their son was nowhere to be found.

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lupin 2© Photo: Netflix

The Netflix drama proved hugely popular

Who will star in Lupin part two?

Omar Sy will, of course, be back to play the gentleman thief Assane, who gets his tips and tricks from fictional character Arsène Lupin. The Young Pope star Ludivine Sagnier will also reprise her role as Assane's ex-partner Claire.

Also appearing in part two will be Hervé Pierre as the corrupt Pellegrini patriarch, while Clotilde Hesme plays Juliette Pellegrini. Soufiane Guerrab will return as Yousseff Guedira, likely with a prominent role after he confronted Assane on the beach promenade at the end of part one.

What is the future of Lupin?

Although fans were thrilled that part two of season one was confirmed to return in summer 2021, many are eager to know if a another season beyond the ten episodes could be on the cards.

After reports starting swirling, the show's creator George Kay addressed the future of the comedy-drama. "We're story-lining that, and I'm sure that will come," he told Radio Times. "We're actively story-lining with real confidence that that's gonna happen."

He added: "Because [the] reaction to the first five episodes would suggest that we've got every chance that [season two] would be coming next year - unless something goes completely wrong!"

omar sy in lupin© Photo: Netflix

The drama is based on the adventures of Arsene Lupin

What have the stars of Lupin said about the show?

Despite some fans loving Lupin, others have criticised Assane's disguises as being lacklustre. One viewer tweeted: "Whole time this man is built like a line-backer and is like 7 feet tall and no one can recognize him?? Lol ridiculous and entertaining."

However, star of the show Omar insisted this was not what Assane's focus is. The Jurassic World star told Netflix Queue: "As he changes costumes and trades, he blends in with the crowd. I embraced that wholeheartedly because it's something I totally relate to."

He added: "In my experience as a TV comedian, I know that all it takes to change identities is a beanie and a pair of glasses. Assane only needs very small things to move up in society, because these days people tend to focus more on what people do than on who people are." 

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