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Viewers confused after 'illogical' Snowpiercer season two premiere

The sci-fi series returned to screens this week

snowpiercer season two
Eve Crosbie
TV & Film Writer
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Snowpiercer returned for its much-anticipated second season this week, much to the delight of fans of the sci-fi series.

However, as viewers settled down to watch the first episode many were left scratching their heads at an "illogical" plot point in the first episode. 

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Starring Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs, the series follows the last group of humanity who are only surviving a now-frozen world by living on a 1001-carriage train which travels all over the world. While the people in first class live a comfortable life, the people at the bottom of the train live in poverty and plan to rise up against their circumstances. 

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Fans will recall season one ended on a cliffhanger as Mr Wilford drove his train Big Alice into the back of Snowpiercer before clamping onto the vehicle and sending in his troops. And the first episode of the new season picked up exactly where season one left off with Jennifer and Daveed's characters finally come face-to-face with Wilford, played by Sean Bean.

However, one Reddit user has pointed out a glaring plot hole that could have stopped Wilford dead in his tracks, so to speak.

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"Okay, I don't get this," they wrote. "They had the power to decouple cars. Why couldn't they have just decoupled or even now decouple say the last 3 or 4 or even 10 cars and put the brakes on them, blown the windows open and run away?" 

In short, Wilford could have easily been stopped with the push of a couple of buttons. While someone suggested that Wilford could have more control over the train than viewers may realise, another viewer concluded: "Overall, the whole show is pretty illogical."

snowpiercer s2© Photo: Netflix

What did you think of the first episode of season two?

Aside from questioning the series' sketchy logic, viewers were also pleased to see Sean Bean take on the role of the eminently wicked Mr Wilford, a character who was presumed to be dead in season one.

One person wrote: "I was such a huge fan of Sean Bean on Game of Thrones. I cannot wait to see more of him on Snowpiercer! I am also looking forward to getting more backstory," while another said: "Sean Bean is going to bring a lot to the show, it's going to be fun."

A third joked: "Sean Bean really took a unique role this time. He usually starts out alive then dies, this time he started out 'dead' but was revealed to actually be alive."

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