Where is the cast of Netflix's Misfits now?  

Misfits is now available on Netflix - and we have been loving the trip down memory lane!

We were obsessed with Misfits back in 2009, and for good reason. The superhero show, which is now on Netflix, saw a group of young offenders suddenly receive superpowers (some better than others) after a freak storm in their town.

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The cast has gone on to have major success in their careers, so what have they been up to? Find out here... 

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WATCH: Check out Misfits in all of its glory now it is available on Netflix

Iwan Rheon - Simon 

In Misfits, Iwan played the sweet, shy Simon who could turn invisible because of how often he was ignored, and so he couldn't have gone further from the role by playing Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones. 

Perhaps his most famous role to date, Ramsay was a sadistic Northerner who tortured both Sansa and Theon before eventually (spoiler alert) being defeated in battle (led by Jon Snow) and fed to his own dogs (as Sansa watched). He has since appeared in Berlin, I Love You and is due to star in American Gods season two. 

Ramsay couldn't have been more different from Simon!

Robert Sheehan - Nathan

Since playing motormouth Nathan, Robert has gone onto huge success. Leaving the show after two series, he starred in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Mortal Engines and most recently, in The Umbrella Academy as Klaus Hargreeves, one of the superpowered siblings who can see the dead. Doesn't sound entirely unlike Nathan!

Robert is currently starring in The Umbrella Academy

Antonia Thomas - Alisha 

Since starring as Alisha in Misfits, Antonia has gone onto plenty of other TV roles, most notably playing the heartbroken Evie, who is secretly in love with her best friend Dylan, in Lovesick. She recently made it big across the pond by starring as Claire Brown in The Good Doctor. 

Antonia has since starred in Lovesick and The Good Doctor

Lauren Socha - Kelly 

After winning a BAFTA for the role of Kelly, Lauren has gone on to star in Give Daughters, Plebs, Catastrophe (as Rob and Sharon's terrible babysitter, Anna), and most recently as Cat in The Other One. 

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Have you watched BBC's The Other One yet?

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett - Curtis 

Since travelling back through time in Misfits, Nathan has gone onto have an amazing career! In recent years, he has appeared in the miniseries Four Wedding and a Funeral as well as The Trial of Christine Keeler and Dracula. He also starred as Belize in the National Theatre production of Angels in America. 

Nathan has had a successful career in theatre and TV

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