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Behind Her Eyes viewers spot major plot hole 

Did you notice this? 

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Behind Her Eyes viewers have spotted a plot hole in the hit Netflix series - and we think that they have a point! Warning, contains spoilers for the series... 

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Posting on Reddit about the one, one user suggested that it didn't make any sense that Rob (in Adele's body) was so robotic and unfeeling, when in flashbacks the character was upbeat and friendly. 

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They wrote: "Something that doesn't add up with the show: In the flashbacks, Rob is shown to be this social funny guy that is always cracking jokes. David even grows fond of him quickly. If he is in Adele's body how come he acts like the antithesis of his actual personality? Other than Adele being able to cook very well, I feel like they didn't bother to make them act similarly." 

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Others were quick to respond, with one writing: "Maybe murdering and impersonating his best friend changed his personality a bit. More seriously, I think he was acting as he saw Adele; the perfect soft-spoken housewife. And the more David grew out of love with Adele, the more insecure Rob became." 

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Another person suggested: "He is trying to be Adele and act how he thinks she was like with David. In his mind, she's posh, old moneyed, sophisticated. That inspired his whole demeanour. Besides he would want to be as unRoblike as possible so David could never even be reminded of him." 

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The author of the novel from which the show is based, Sarah Pinborough, previously told The Guardian how important it was for her for the twist to make sense. She said: "The clues had to be there. Everything had to have dual meaning so that no one could say this character lied. I would have hated that." 

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