Finding Jack Charlton: Jack Charlton's difficult relationship with brother Bobby 

BBC Two is set to air Finding Jack Charlton on Monday night, which will look at the remarkable life of the English footballer and manager, who sadly passed away in 2020. 

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The football legend was the brother of fellow footballer Bobby Charlton, and the documentary will look at their complicated relationship among other things. But why were they at odds with one another? Find out more here... 

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The pair originally fell out in 1996 after Jack accused Bobby of not visiting their mother before her death. Bobby defended himself, revealing that his wife Norma and mother Cissie had fallen out with another, and that he chosen to stand by his wife. 

Upon releasing an autobiography in 2007, Bobby told The Guardian: "[Jack] came out in the newspapers saying things about my wife that were absolutely disgraceful. Nonsense. Ask anybody that ever met my wife: 'hoity-toity' is not a word they'd use. My brother made a big mistake. I don't understand why he did it. He couldn't possibly have known her and said what he said. I was astonished."

The pair have previously spoken about their relationship

He continued: "He's a big lad, I'm a big lad and you move on. I'm not going to ruin the rest of my life worrying about my brother and I've no doubt he's the same. If we see each other we'll say hello. I'm sorry it's happened, but life goes on." 

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Jack's son, John, spoke about Bobby's autobiography back in 2007, telling The Observer: "I know Jack's a little bit disappointed and feels Bobby doesn't need to write that kind of stuff. I think it's like anything, you've got to know the full story... It's all about lots of half-truths." 

Jack accused Bobby of not visiting their mother before her death

Jack had previously opened up about their relationship, where it sounds like they were even at odds as children. In a recording, which is shown in the documentary, he said: "I had to look after him during the day and make sure he was okay. I didn't like it. I liked the sea, I liked the countryside and Bobby didn't. He liked to be around my mother, he liked to be at home. I could have done more things without him than I had to do with him." 

Bobby added: "My brother was an uncompromising character. I watched him in a Derby match - he gave a goal away and they lost. I said to him after: 'You were stupid giving that daft goal away.' He punched me straight off the back of the couch on to the floor." 

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