Garden Rescue's Charlie Dimmock speaks candidly about weight 

Charlie is best known for her gardening expertise

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Garden Rescue star Charlie Dimmock opened up about her weight, saying that it was something she has accepted and we have to say, we love her outlook!

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Chatting to the Independent back in 2016, the green-fingered TV presenter explained: "I've always been up and down in my weight. I'll never be slim or skinny, let's put it like that. One season I'll be a size 14, then 18, but it's something I've just accepted now. I'm at that age where I think, life is too short." 

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She also opened up to the reaction to her Ground Force days, where she famously wouldn't wear a bra. She said: "The TV presenter Esther Rantzen said to me, 'You'll be labelled the bra-less one for the rest of your life.'

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"Ground Force was a long time ago, and I have to say, even now, people will bring it up. It is very silly. It was always just for comfort. If you're swinging a sledgehammer, you want to be comfortable! People say, 'Why don't you wear a sports bra?' But those are not the comfiest things in the world." 


Charlie is currently starring in Garden Rescue

The presenter starred in Ground Force between 1997 and 2005, meaning the star enjoyed something of a hiatus from TV before starring in Garden Rescue. 

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She has since opened up about her career break in a rare interview and was keen to set the record straight. Chatting to Radio Times in 2016, the presenter explained that despite not being on TV, she was no less busy. "People think that if you're suddenly not on telly, you've stopped working," she said.


She previously starred in Ground Force

"That doesn't happen, because we all have mortgages to pay. I had been on TV a very long time, but I had always been doing other things. Ground Force ran its course. It was of its time. It was good fun, very enjoyable, and it had its run."

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