Lucifer star reveals future of character after shock death in season five

Warning, spoilers for Lucifer season 5B ahead!

Lucifer viewers were devastated when one of the fan favourite characters, Dan Espinoza, was killed off in the latest batch of episodes that were released on Netflix in May. 

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Kevin Alejandro, who played the homicide detective on the show, opened up about what it meant for his future on the show. Chatting to ET Online, it sounds like this isn't the end for Dan, hurrah!

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He explained: "[The episode will] definitely not [be] the last you're going to see of Dan... It could be through flashbacks, it could be through trying to decide what's going on. I was on set a little bit in season six, so he's coming back... just not the way everyone thinks he's coming back. I would describe season six as a genuine emerge to what we've created from the beginning. There are throwbacks and clues to other episodes that only you if you've followed our journey from the beginning you'll pick up on.

"It was a genuine emerge, not only to what we created, but to, I think what you guys, what the fans, what our audience, expects."

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He added: "I think a lot of what happens with Dan is really just lost introspectively within himself trying to figure out his own demons, so to speak, and why things happened to him the way they did because it happened so abruptly. That's what you'll find. You'll find there is no help other than you helping yourself, basically." Intriguing! 

Dan is found by Chloe

Fans were quick to react to the shocking death on social media, with one writing: "Dan Espinoza deserved better breathe if you agree," while another added: "Couldn't bring myself to watch 5x15 of #Lucifer until now, since I knew what's going to happen (due to spoilers)and even though I went into this episode prepared, it completely destroyed me. I'm not okay. And I know it's just a fictional character, but I can't stop crying." 

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