Too Hot To Handle stars reveal real reason they turned down Love Island

We can totally see these Netflix stars in the villa!

Three Too Hot to Handle season two stars turned down the chance to appear on Love Island before landing places on the Netflix series, it has been revealed.

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According to The Mirror, Robert Van Tromp, Tabitha Clifft and finalist Cam Holmes were in talks to enter the villa but ultimately decided against the British dating show in favour of the streaming hit.

Explaining why she declined the offer to appear on the show, 27-year old Tabitha from London said: "I just think [Too Hot To Handle] was a new, exciting show, and thought it was just something I wanted to be a part of."

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"Love Island is great, but this one just seemed a lot bigger, a lot newer, a lot more exciting. There's a lot more to the unknown with Too Hot To Handle. Whereas Love Island, you kind of know what you're expecting," she added.

She claimed that she had been approached by ITV2 bosses to take part in the show "a few times" over the years - just like Welsh lad Cam.

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"I'd been kind of approached by a lot of different shows before, including Love Island, but they were just never the right time," the 25-year-old said of his reasons for turning down the show.

However, for entrepreneur Robert, another factor swayed him to pick the streaming giant's reality show. As viewers will know, Too Hot to Handle contestants originally believed that they were starring on a new reality show named Parties In Paradise, which was promised to be a boozy and wild six-week-long party.

Robert was lured onto Too Hot to Handle by the promise of a boozy and wild six-week-long party

It was revealed in episode one that they were in fact starring in the no-sex show and so would be having a very different experience. Speaking about what he thought he was signing up for, Robert said: "You just assumed would be with lots of half-naked girls."

"I was actually in the Love Island process back in season six, among other shows as well," he added.

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Meanwhile, social media users have been quick to compare the two reality shows, given that they both recently hit screens, with many championing Too Hot to Handle as a superior show. "Who did the casting for Too Hot to Handle? You're needed over on ITV it's a crisis #LoveIsland." one person wrote. 

Another said: "Too Hot To Handle is so much better than Love Island this year." and comedian Mo Gilligan even weighed in, tweeting: "Too Hot To Handle > Love Island 2021."

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