Escape to the Country's Jules Hudson teases 'exciting changes' to BBC show

Jules has presented the show since 2007

TV presenter, writer and nature pro Jules Hudson has revealed that popular lifestyle show Escape to the Country is set to make some "exciting changes" to the show's format.

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Discussing the news in a recent interview, the presenter – who has been the programme's regular face since 2007 – hinted that the long-running BBC show will be returning with new episodes in a tweaked format.

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"We are taking you through another stage in its evolution this year with a tweaked format which I'm very excited about," the 51-year-old told, adding: "When the new show starts rolling out, I think you'll see some very interesting and exciting changes."

However, if fans are worried this could mean a shake-up in line-up, fear not. Jules also added that he would not be leaving the show anytime soon. "They'll have to carry me out. I absolutely love it," he said. "In many respects and I think in some small ways I've helped to define it.

"And that's why I wrote the Escape to the Country handbook to bring many of the lessons that I've learned. Not just through my professional life on Escape to the Country but also my personal life."

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Jules Hudson on Escape to the Country

Away from the show, which sees Jules hunt for the perfect country home for participants, he can be found living his own country life in Herefordshire with his wife Tania, who he married in 2016, and their young son, Jack. The family-of-three are also owners to two adorable Labradors, Teddy and Iolo.

Prior to moving to the countryside and becoming parents, the couple lived closer to London for Tania's work, but the presenter revealed that he didn't enjoy his time there.

Speaking to The Times in 2020, he explained: "I found London very claustrophobic. There's an energy about it that I absolutely love, but I need green fields and space."

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