Baptiste viewers left shocked by 'superb' twist in episode four

Tchéky Karyo is once again fronting the series

Baptiste fans have been glued to series two in recent weeks and it seems Sunday's episode was one of the best yet!

The fourth instalment, which saw Tchéky Karyo's Julien Baptiste continue in his quest to find out the truth behind the Ambassador's missing family, featured many more twists and turns, leaving many shocked by the storyline.

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Warning! Spoilers ahead for series two of Baptiste so far…

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WATCH: Fans have been glued to Baptiste series two

Taking to social media, fans spoke of their shock after watching Julien chase one of the culprits in an abandoned home – only to find out it was in fact Will, the son of Emma Chambers (played by Fiona Shaw).

One person wrote: "Superb episode of #Baptiste last night! What a twist at the end, I wasn't expecting that! @BBCOne @twobrospictures @tchekykaryo."

A second said: "Just finished watching #Baptiste... great performances by @tchekykaryo and @TheFionaShaw... excellent script and direction and beautifully shot in Budapest, Hungary. No spoilers but there's lots of twists and turns and a lot of red herring characters to throw you off the scent."

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Are you enjoying series two?

A third added: "Absolutely LOVING this series of #Baptiste. It's is sooooooo good, Fiona Shaw is amazing as always…. I didn't see that coming! Like he keeps seeing the blue elephant…"

Like his brother Alex, Will had been radicalised by the elusive "Gomorrrah" – who, at this point, is yet to be identified – into joining a far-right terrorist group along with Andras Juszt, who viewers first met in episode one. He was in hiding when Baptiste discovered him – shocking both Emma, who was then reunited with her son in the back of a car, and fans watching at home.

Now that the BBC crime drama is over halfway through, many are wondering if more episodes could be on the horizon. Leading actor Tchéky spoke to HELLO! in an exclusive interview ahead of series two, in which he discussed the future of Baptiste.

"Well, so far, it looks like no," he said of a series three. "But maybe there is still a skeleton in the closet but they are very quiet at the moment, the bones are not shaking, there's no noise. So it looks like it's the end." 

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