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Kind List 2021

Hoda Kotb

She's one of the most genuine TV stars out there

Recognised for her warm personality and her beaming smile, Hoda Kotb is one of the most genuine American TV personalities. If you're lucky enough to count Hoda as one of your friends, she'll always have your back. Just ask her co-star Jenna Bush Hager, with whom she presents NBC's TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.

Speaking to HELLO!, Jenna said: "Hoda's kindness is in every pore of who she is. Her compassion and support have made me so lucky to sit next to her.

"She first showed kindness to me when she asked me to co-host the show with her seven years ago. I was so nervous, but she gracefully and compassionately guided me and that is such a gift. Every single day she shows kindness to every single person she works with and I am just so lucky."

"Every single day she shows kindness to every single person she works with" - Jenna Bush Hager, Hoda's co-star on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna

Hoda has supported numerous charities throughout her life, including Save the Children, Autism Speaks and Alzheimer's Association. A portion of the proceeds from her 2018 children's book, I've Loved You Since Forever, benefited the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

But Hoda is most vocal about breast cancer awareness, having undergone a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery and survived cancer herself. She's helped raise nearly £350,000 for the American Cancer Society through her online fundraiser, with all proceeds going to paediatric cancer research.

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