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RuPaul's Drag Race star talks 'amazing' romance with Graham Norton

The pair dated back in the early noughties

tina burner graham norton
Eve Crosbie
TV & Film Writer
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Did you know that a RuPaul's Drag Race once had a short-lived relationship with beloved chat show host and radio presenter Graham Norton?

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Drag queen Tina Burner, whose real name is Kristian Seeber, spoke about his on-off relationship with the Graham Norton Show radio host last year on an episode of the smash-hit reality show. As the contestants took to the Werk Room to prepare for their latest challenge, fellow drag queens asked the 40-year-old performer about the relationship which he previously alluded to on the show.

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"Miss Tina, didn't you date somebody rather famous in the UK?" Rosé asked while another referred to their time together as a "fling of some sorts".

"I love how you say fling. I was in a relationship," Kristian responded. "Graham is so famous, he's at that level where your life is just like put on a platform. He's such a great guy and it never ever got to him. It was the most amazing thing."

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He continued: "I remember people passing judgement on me right away when they don't even know me: 'Are you after his money? Are you this? Are you that?' I mean people want to draw their own opinions."

Graham, 57, discussed the couple's whirlwind romance in his 2014 memoir, The Life And Loves of a He Devil, which he says ended in "heartache" for both of them.

kristian graham norton© Photo: Getty Images

Kristian and Graham dated back in the early noughties

However, he added that his friends were less than impressed with the drag performer and admitted that on reflection Kristian was, "not great boyfriend material".

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The couple's relationship lasted just a few months before they called it a day only for them to get back together again when Kristian, who is originally from New York, moved into Graham's London home.

"The experiment lasted for about six months and it was a disaster," Graham recalled. "I realise that even to a perfect stranger the outcome would have been glaringly obvious, but when you are in the middle of something and you are desperate for it to work, you'll try anything."

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