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The truth behind Gilmore Girls stars Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson's feud

There has been a lot of speculation on the Luke and Lorelai actors' friendship...

gilmore girls feud
Eve Crosbie
TV & Film Writer
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Gilmore Girls is just one of those shows that we can watch again and again - and we can't think of a better time to start the show from season one again than now that the weather is making every town feel a little bit like the cosy and cute Stars Hollow.

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However, as any longtime Gilmore Girls fan will know, there has been a rumour that has plagued the show from its early days - and we can't believe it's true! So we've done some debunking and here's everything you need to know about Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson's alleged 'feud'…

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No one can deny Luke and Lorelai's scorching on-screen chemistry, which carried the show through its original seven seasons, which aired between 2000 and 2007. The single mom and diner owner were not only the prototype for the grumpy/sunshine romance trope but had fans screaming at their screens every time their on-again-off-again relationship hit a bump in the road.

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Despite this, a rumour began circulating online that there had been a major falling out between the two actors behind the roles at one point in the show's production, which resulted in them actively avoiding each other on set.

gilmore girls© Photo: Rex

The Luke and Lorelai actors had scorching on-screen chemistry

But it seems that it was all blown out of proportion and originated after Lauren gave a reporter a curt answer about her off-screen relationship with her love interest. She replied "no" to the question of whether or not she and Scott were "best friends," then quickly moved the conversation on. This, it seems, is all it took for fans' imaginations to run wild with the theory that there was bad blood between the two.

In fact, some fans even began to suspect that it was the pair's prickly relationship that caused writers to bring back Lorelai's ex Christopher, played by David Sutcliffe, for season seven. The pair, while they didn't end up together, did date and elope before Lorelai and Luke reunited in the very final episodes.

Luke and Lorelai© Photo: Netflix

Both actors have only good things to say about one another

However, shutting down the speculation about this, Lauren told TV Guide in 2007 that the whole situation had been "overblown" and insisted that things between herself and Scott were "totally great".

"It's a working relationship like most of them are," she said. "But he was so great in that part. I really loved my scenes with him and the chemistry we had. Our banter was among the most fun stuff to do."

Meanwhile, Scott himself hasn't addressed the rumour,  but it seems that he has nothing but good things to say about his co-star. Reminiscing about their first day shooting the pilot, he revealed that the "chemstry was there" and may have had something of a crush on her.

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"I thought, 'You know, uh-oh. Let's keep this professional! Let's just keep it professional as long as possible and not blow up the show!" he told Glamour before adding: "I was seeing somebody, anyway. I think she was too. And she probably wasn't interested in me."

So there we have it. It appears that there was never a feud or a falling out between the two co-stars and we know perhaps have a better idea of why their relationship remained strictly professional!

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