Meet Escape to the Country star Steve Brown's family

The TV presenter has a close bond with his family

Steve Brown has been on our screens for a number of years now and has become a familiar face thanks to shows like Escape to the Country and Countryfile. But what do you know about his life away from cameras? Find out more about his family life below...

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But what do you know about his life away from cameras? Find out more about his family life below...

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Steve Brown's family

The presenter has previously opened up about his bond with his two brothers. He told The Express Online: "Me and my brothers are very close. I know that everyone has different family set-ups. I'm very happy and lucky with what I've got. I don't take it for granted - my family are all very close."

Steve with his two brothers for Countryfile's Children in Need Ramble

He added: "It won't be the first time they've helped me out. We go as a family to the beach or wherever. They'll grab my chair and pull me across the stones and that sort of thing. And what is great is because we are close and they help me quite a lot, they know where my limitations are."

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Steve mostly keeps his private life out of the public eye, however, he did open up about the challenges he faced during the lockdown back in 2021. He told Disability Horizons: "I can get in and out of my wheelchair to sit on the sofa and go to bed, but there still are situations that frustrate me.

Steve is a former Paralympic wheelchair rugby player

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"For instance, during the lockdown, we had work done on the house, such as painting and tidying, and all I wanted to do was join in. There's nothing worse than knowing exactly how to do something but not being able to do it. It’s caused a lot of frustration for me and my partner."

In 2017, it was reported that Steve had found love with Vicky Balch, who was a victim of the tragic Alton Towers incident in 2015, in which she lost her leg. The two met while taking part in the 2017 BBC show Without Limits, which saw them drive 900 miles across Vietnam, however, it's not confirmed if the pair are still together.  

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