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Happy Valley fans spot Catherine’s family member is missing from season 3

To be fair, there is a lot of plot going on!

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Happy Valley season three is well underway, with fans loving the return of Catherine and her complicated family to our screens for the final time. While the latest series has brought back all of the original characters, including Claire, Neil, Ann and Catherine’s son Daniel, there is one member of Catherine’s family who fans have noticed is missing.

In seasons one and two of Happy Valley, there is an ongoing subplot involving Catherine’s son Daniel and his wife, Lucy. In season one, the pair announced that they are expecting a baby together. In season two, Lucy has given birth to baby Daisy, but Daniel has been kicked out of the house after she discovers that he has been having an affair with a woman at work.

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Daniel eventually admits to Ann, who he is in a relationship with by season three, that he knew Lucy wasn’t quite right for him but was desperate for an escape after the family lost his sister, Becky.

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Where is Catherine's other grandchild?

Taking to Reddit to discuss the absence of any mention of little Daisy in season three, one person wrote: "Daniel cheated on Lucy which is why they ended things but I’m not sure she has any basis to deny Daniel access. I guess we’re to assume that he does see Daisy, but we don’t see that.

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"As an aside it was really nice to see Daniel get upset on behalf of Catherine last night re Claire’s betrayal. He was in tears and needed Nev to embrace him. Season one Daniel would have revelled in her misery. It shows a lot of growth."

Another person added: "Yes they had a little girl called Daisy. She's not been mentioned yet in Season 3 which does feel a bit weird to me tbf." A third person added: "Yes, it’s so weird, Clare and Caroline were so happy about that baby." Do you think we’ll see Catherine’s other grandchild before the end of the series?

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