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Endeavour series nine finale: the heartbreaking ending explained

Find out what happened between Endeavour Morse and Fred Thursday

endeavour fred finale
Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
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Endeavour fans have been left feeling 'bereft' following the final episode of the ITV drama. Shaun Evans and Roger Allam appeared on screens on Sunday to portray their iconic characters, Endeavour Morse and DCI Fred Thursday respectively for one last time – and it was a highly emotional film for those watching at home.

The series nine finale was filled with many big moments, including one heartbreaking dream scene showing Endeavour and Joan sharing a passionate kiss. Check out the video below to see the emotional scene…

Film three also featured other notable moments that wrapped up the prequel series. Need a rundown of what happened? Keep reading to find out more.

What happened between Endeavour Morse and Fred Thursday?

One of the biggest talking points of the final series was how Fred and Endeavour's partnership – and friendship – would be wrapped, given that, in the original Inspector Morse series, Fred is never mentioned by Endeavour.

The final episode tied up this loose end and it was related to the storyline involving the mystery behind Blenheim Vale and the historic case of child abuse.

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Endeavour at Joans wedding in final episode© Photo: ITV

Endeavour has officially come to an end

The truth behind the case, the arrival of Arthur Lott, and the recent murder of Raymond Kennett (Tomahawk) – a registered informant – all came to light for Morse, and he soon began tying up the loose ends.

Eventually, Endeavour worked out that it was Fred who in fact killed Tomahawk in the pub because he was about to stab his son Sam. In the scuffle, Tomahawk pulled out a knife to use on Sam but Fred intervened and instead turned the knife of him.

How did Endeavour series nine end?

After Endeavour found out the truth about what happened, as well as him being attacked by Arthur and taking a trip to the hospital, the episode came to its conclusion with Endeavour telling Thursday that his son, Sam, is not safe. He eventually tells Fred that he, his wife and Sam must leave town but assured the Detective that he will look out for his daughter, Joan, who had just married Strange.

Fred Thursday pictured in final episode© Photo: ITV

The truth about Fred's action came to light

The final scene saw Endeavour leaving Blenheim Palace before getting into his black jaguar. In a brilliant Easter egg moment, he drives past a red jaguar, Inspector Morse's iconic car from the 1980s series, and in the rear-view mirror, a pair of eyes are seen looking back at him – which is a nod to John Thaw's character.

What did the fans think of the Endeavour finale?

Viewers took to social media to share their reactions to the final film. There were many moments which sparked some tears from fans, including the final scenes between Endeavour and Fred, as well as the dream sequence between Endeavour and Joan.

One person tweeted: "Feeling bereft, wishing that fantasy scene with #Endeavour and Joan wasn't just that, and the ending had me in tears. Marvellous acting, writing and music. Will have to re-watch so good."  A second added: "Can't even. The real love story is #Endeavour and Fred. They played it so well. Fred fighting the tears of gratitude for all Morse has done for him. And Fred is the only person Morse could be close to." 

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