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Why A Little Life TV show won’t be happening - details 

We need a HBO adaptation of A Little Life!

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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A Little Life is having a moment right now. The English-speaking play adaptation of the bestselling novel is set to premiere on the West End imminently following previews, where audience members have been full of praise for the show. Starring Happy Valley’s James Norton, Bridgerton’s Luke Thompson and It’s a Sin star Omari Douglas, tickets were so popular that it has already extended its run for another five weeks. But will the novel ever be made into a TV show? 

Although the novel’s author, Hanya Yanagihara, revealed that she did originally have plans to turn the book into a series, in a recent Book Club chat on Monday with The Guardian Live, she ruled out any chance of a TV show actually happening, admitting that she stipulated that she would want to have control over the project and act as showrunner, making the process difficult. 

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The bestselling author has previously touched upon this, telling The Observer: "I have heard a couple of people say that they wanted it to be like Sex and the City – network executives – which really makes me worried. Because there are other ways to crack this book and to interpret it and to bring it to the screen." 

james norton all

James Norton is currently starring in the play version

She added: "This instinct that sometimes happens in Hollywood where you buy something and then make it into something else, I do feel that I would owe the readers and the fans of this book something, and it would not be just to sell it for the sake of selling it, and to have it made into something completely unrecognisable that betrays the themes and the tone of the book." 

james norton little life

Bridgerton's Luke Thompson plays Willem in the play, while James plays Jude

Fans have been full of praise for the play, with one tweeting: "I cannot get over #ALittleLifePlay O saw last night. it’s the best thing I have EVER seen, so so heartbreaking that the happy moments seem all the happier and make you feel so much. James Norton was absolutely fantastic I can't stop thinking about his portrayal of Jude. Amazing." 


Another person added: "The bravest, most vulnerable thing I have ever seen live. I left completely in awe. Go see #ALittleLifePlay if you get the chance, don’t miss it." 

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