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Vigil's Suranne Jones reveals similarities to character Amy as she talks work-life balance and anxiety

Series two premiered on BBC One on Sunday

Suranne Jones as Amy Silva in Vigil
Nicky Morris
TV and film writer
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Suranne Jones has opened up about the similarities between herself and her Vigil character, Amy Silva. 

Whilst speaking at a Q&A event ahead of series two at the BFI in November, the actress revealed that both she and Amy are "constantly trying to balance" their work and personal life, as well as having "issues with anxiety". 

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When asked if she relates to the role, the 45-year-old explained: "Being a woman who constantly wants to prove herself, feels a responsibility of many people. When we're out filming and there's huge crews that are doing lots for us, I think Amy and I share that."

She continued: "I have a child, we share that. I am constantly trying to balance my life and my career. I've had issues with anxiety, which Amy has had. So there's a lot of things I can relate to. I think that's the beauty of finding the characters and going, 'That's the one'."

Suranne Jones plays Amy Silva in Vigil© BBC/World Productions/Mark Mainz
Suranne Jones plays Amy Silva in Vigil

Turning to her co-star Rose Leslie, who plays her on-screen partner Kirsten Longacre, Suranne spoke on their off-screen friendship: "Then getting to know Rose and us having a great friendship and me knowing a lot of those things I just said about you with family and responsibility, we get to explore it together. There's so much to relate to."

In series two, Amy and Kirsten are drawn into the dangerous world of warfare following several mysterious deaths at a Scottish military facility. 

Suranne Jones in Vigil season 2© Mark Mainz
Suranne says she relates to her character Amy

"When a British Air Force weapons test goes disastrously wrong, DCI Amy Silva is called in to investigate," the official synopsis teases. "With seven military personnel dead, two from Britain's allies in the Middle East, Amy finds herself caught in the crosshairs of a fraught international incident. The Air Force think they have the guilty party in custody and push for Amy and DI Kirsten Longacre to close the case. But Amy isn't convinced."

Speaking about Amy and Kirsten's relationship in the new episodes, Rose explained that the couple are "torn apart" by the investigation as Kirsten, who is heavily pregnant, is forced to stay home in Scotland while Amy travels to the Middle East in pursuit of a new lead. 

Suranne Jones as Amy Silva and Rose Leslie as Kirsten Longacre in Vigil series 2© Mark Mainz/World Productions LTD
Amy and Kirsten are "torn apart" in series 2

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"I liked the idea that being pregnant meant that Kirsten had to stay home and be in Scotland, and as a result, that tore us apart again in a very natural, organic way," said the Scottish star. "I felt that certainly coming from that premise, it helped that there was a reason as to why their relationship was going to be torn again."

Suranne added that the couple "butt heads" as they try to navigate their careers alongside their growing family. 

"These are two women that have decided to have a family together, they already have a daughter, a child on the way, but they're also very defined by their work, by their careers," said the Scott & Bailey star. 

Rose Leslie as Kirsten Longacre in Vigil© Mark Mainz
Rose Leslie as Kirsten Longacre

"So they're gonna start butting heads, when one is trying to look after the other, and the other wants to do everything," she continued, adding: "I think it brought an element of fun, but actually a seriousness of 'Well how does that change the relationship dynamic?', which was really interesting for us. And it took it somewhere else."

Vigil continues on Monday 11 December on BBC One and iPlayer at 9pm. The first three episodes are available to stream on iPlayer.