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The Tourist star Jamie Dornan shares details on potential season 3

Is The Tourist season three happening? Here’s what Jamie Dornan had to say

The Tourist season two lands on New Year's Day
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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The Tourist season two has finally landed on our screens, and as much as we’re enjoying the season - we don’t want it to be over! So, is season three happening? 

Chatting to HELLO! and other reporters at a Q&A for the show back in December, the show’s star Jamie Dornan joked about season three, saying: "It will be set in Canada, the scripts are already written." 

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The prolific actor was referring to an earlier chat when the show’s screenwriters, brothers Jack and Harry Williams, revealed that they were initially planning for season two to be set in Canada, before they eventually decided to set it in Ireland instead, to Jamie’s delight. 

Jamie Dornan sported a large beard© Steffan Hill
Jamie Dornan sported a large beard

Jack explained: "We didn’t go to Ireland straight away, we wrote a whole draft set in Canada, similar elements. It was very similar. [New character] Detective Ruairi Slater would have still been in it as a Mountie, which would have been great. The same story, but with a Mountie." 

Speaking about changing the location, they continued: "We did find we wanted some element of who [Elliot] was to enter organically, and then we hit on Ireland, the rest of the series unfolded much more quickly. When we realised what it gave us, it just felt obvious. We’re very glad about that."  \
Jamie is back as Elliot Stanley© Bernard Walsh
Jamie is back as Elliot Stanley

Jamie Dornan also sang the location’s praises, saying, "It’s my happy place," joking that he also let the writers know that he would like to be in Ireland. "Logistically, I brought my whole family out to Australia, the kids went to school there, and it was amazing but it’s a big upheaval. So the idea that it would be possible to be set in Ireland was great. I’m hugely biased but I think Irish people are the best people in the world.

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"Luckily in my life, my career, I’ve had an opportunity to make loads of stuff in Ireland and I do think there's nothing like an Irish crew… I was a very happy boy."

He then revealed that they filmed in the same area where the popular TV show Vikings was filmed, joking: "Everyone kept telling us, the drivers and everyone. I felt like they were a bit disappointed that we weren’t in Vikings… It was properly beautiful. Australia was such an iconic part and the Outback was a staple of the first series so you’re asking a lot to find something to have a backdrop as dramatic and play as a big part as the Outback did but… it was certainly beautiful."  

Danielle Macdonald plays Helen © Steffan Hill
Danielle Macdonald plays Helen

So what can fans expect from the return of the hit show? The official synopsis reads: "Set against the striking backdrop of Ireland, the upcoming series sees Elliot and Helen dragged into a longstanding feud and forced to deal with the consequences of his past actions. After Elliot quickly goes missing, Helen seeks the help of Detective Ruairi Slater before secrets of Elliot’s past are later uncovered."