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Trigger Point fans ‘devastated’ after major character death in episode 2 - details

Warning, spoilers for Trigger Point episode 2

VICKY MCCLURE as Lana Washington and MARK STANLEY as DCI Thom Youngblood in Trigger Point series 2
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Trigger Point fans are always on edge while watching the Vicky McClure drama - and have plenty of good reason! Episode two aired on ITV on Tuesday night, and saw disaster strike as it appears that Thom Youngblood fell to his death after being pushed into an elevator shaft. 

The final moments of the episode had fans shocked, with one posting: "No, no, no #TriggerPoint How could you kill Thom??? The lady who had her head blown away, ok, but not Thom.” Another person added: “No not Thom.” 

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A third person posted: “Wasn't expecting that, poor Tom  #TriggerPoint As a massive #HappyValley fan though, did enjoy seeing 'Rob Hepworth' get his comeuppance, justice for Joanna.” 

VICKY MCCLURE as Lana Washington in Trigger Point series 2
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However, others thought that the twist was somewhat inevitable, particularly as it took place after Lana and Thom agreed to give their relationship another go. One fan wrote: “Just after Lana and Tom were holding hands agreeing they wanted to try again I said somethings going to happen before then and then off he went down the lift shaft.” Another person added: “Well it was fairly obvious Thom wouldn't survive after Lana wanted to try again. Such a shame.” 

Speaking about her character’s relationship with Thom on the show, Vicky told ITV: “Lana very quickly discovers that he does have a new girlfriend, Helen and she just so happens to be a beautiful, intelligent police officer. 

Mark Stanley as DCI Thom Youngblood.
Mark Stanley as DCI Thom Youngblood.

“Thom is such a gent, he’s a good guy and it was a shame that Lana’s troubles got in the way of her being open enough to have that relationship with him, but there’s only so long that he could wait and he didn’t know if she would be back in six months, six years or never, so Thom is just getting on with his life. Lana’s intentions are quite unclear and we’ll see throughout the series where that relationship does head, there’s plenty to explore.” 

Thom added: “I don’t think Thom is the best at relationships, but I didn’t want him to come off as flippant or fickle in regard to women. He’s only been seeing Helen for a few weeks, they’re just dating, but she’s aware of who Lana is. 

Lana and Thom finally worked things out
Lana and Thom finally worked things out

“Thom and Lana had been together for quite a while, and they’d been through a lot together, including losing her brother and best friend. When they see each other again they’re put in a really stressful, dangerous situation and it reignites something between them, a trust and a bond. He's not in an enviable position at all – imagine having someone so significant suddenly just walking back into your life, amidst a crazy turn of events that you never envisaged yourself being a part of. She is the only person who can save his life in that moment.”

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