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Hoda Kotb reveals she's going on a date, seconds after spilling secret during chat with famous Today guest

The Today Show is never boring!

TODAY -- Pictured: Hoda Kotb on Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Hanna Fillingham
US Managing Editor
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Hoda Kotb was reunited with her good friend, Jennifer Lopez, on Thursday's Today Show, and the pair let their conversation get carried away! 

The Jenny from the Block hitmaker had chatted with the NBC star on the Fourth Hour of the show, to talk about her upcoming trio of projects under the same name, This Is Me... Now, including her film, This Is Me... Now: A Love Story, which will be released on February 16. 

As a supportive friend and fan, Hoda has a lot of knowledge about JLo's film, and accidentally let slip a detail that hadn't yet been made public live on the show! 

While talking about the movie, Hoda listed some of the famous stars. "I love your selection of cast in it too," Hoda said. 

"You've got Jane Fonda, Fat Joe as your therapist..." The studio audience then started to laugh, and realising their surprised reaction, Jennifer paused before exclaiming: "They didn't know! You've just given it away!" 

"Girl, I did not know. Everybody is going to watch it anyway whether they know that or not," Hoda replied. 

"I just told her I have a date tonight, and that wasn't supposed to be made public either," Hoda added, as she gave an update on her own love life. 

Hoda Kotb let slip a spoiler in Jennifer Lopez's new film, before telling the audience she was going on a date tonight
Hoda Kotb let slip a spoiler in Jennifer Lopez's new film, before telling the audience she was going on a date tonight

During the chat, JLo also told Hoda how happy she was in her relationship with Ben Affleck, whose love story has inspired her latest project. 

When asked how many times she's been in love, JLo replied: "One, for sure," admitting she would have to think about the question for longer than a second. 

Jennifer and Hoda talked all things love and romance
Jennifer and Hoda talked all things love and romance

She also told Hoda: "When you really find somebody that you can love in that way, it kind of doesn't go away, and that doesn't change... love is not a straight line." 

It's a busy time for JLo, who on February 15 also announced an upcoming tour, her first in five years. 

Along with this and her film, she's also releasing an album, also on February 16, plus a documentary about the making of her much-anticipated film, out on February 27. 

Hoda is a much-loved host on Today© NBC
Hoda is a much-loved host on Today

Talking previously Variety ahead of the triple release (quadruple if you include the new news of her tour), JLo explained that she wanted to share some personal reflections in her film, and got candid about why her relationship ended with Ben the first time around. 

"Our relationship crumbled under the weight of the pressure," she said. "We lost a sense of ourselves, and we needed to separate because we didn't know how to survive it. I had to figure myself out, and he had to figure himself out." 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 81st Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. © Getty
Jennifer with her husband Ben Affleck

Now it has been 20 years, and she further explained: "I've been on this journey, and I've been trying to figure it out… Now I feel like because Ben and I have rediscovered each other – and now that we're married – I have something to offer. This is the defining piece of work that's going to close that chapter so I can move on to the next part of my life." 

"It's like, 'OK, so now I'm in a healthier, more loving, good relationship. I've gotten to this place where I feel more whole, to be more present in a relationship.' But what is that like? I get to live that, and that's even more challenging than the last 20 years," she added. 

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