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Married at First Sight Australia: Meet the cast of season 11

The hit social experiment continues on Channel 4

Tim and Natalie on MAFS Austalia
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Married at First Sight Australia returns! Taking on the ultimate social experiment – 24 singles will meet their match at the altar, but, how many will say 'I do' and how many will walk away? 

Promising plenty of drama, series 11 will include one of the oldest couples in the show to date. Plus, new groom Jack is already being billed as one of the most controversial husbands the show has ever seen. 

Introducing the brand new cast of MAFS Australia…

Married at First Sight Australia cast of season 11

Andrea on MAFS Australia© Channel 4


A 51-year-old photographer from Queensland, Andrea is a proud mum of two. According to Channel 9, she has a poignant connection with Married at First Sight.

"Andrea ended her most recent relationship after realising she was being gaslit, a term she learnt while watching MAFS," explains the network. "The series inspired her to cut ties with her ex-partner once and for all and forge a new path to finding love."

Richard on MAFS© Channel 4


Richard, 62, hails from New South Wales. A motivational speaker who describes himself as young at heart, he recently left his wife of 27 years after deciding that the relationship had run its course. 

Following this major change, Richard started dating again and even pursued a romance with a woman 27 years his junior, however, it came to an end after his ex decided she wanted children. Already a father of three, this was a massive deal breaker for Richard. 

Now, he's looking for a woman with a "zest for life, a flexible attitude, and someone he has undeniable chemistry with." 

Cassandra on MAFS © Channel 4


Described as a "laughing ray of sunshine," Cassandra is an administration officer from Queensland. 

After tragically losing her first love, the 29-year-old has struggled to form connections, but as she approaches her 30s, she's hoping to find someone to build a life and a family with. 

Tristan on MAFS© Channel 4


Tristan, 30, is all too familiar with the friend zone, but he can't understand why. 

Raised by a single mother, the Event Manager counts his mum as his biggest hero, so we can imagine how important it is for his bride to love her too. 

While others have a checklist when it comes to romance, Tristan simply hopes to find love. 

Ellie on MAFS© Channel 4


A registered nurse from Queensland, Ellie has had a tough time when it comes to love. After learning that her ex-fiancé had been cheating on her, the 32-year-old was forced to cancel her wedding, an experience that "rocked her to the core." But, this time round, she's hoping to find Mr Right and eventually become a mum. 

Ben on MAFS© Channel 4


Tour guide Ben just can't seem to find 'the one'. Hailing from New South Wales, the 39-year-old admits to being picky, and "getting bored easily" in relationships. 

Eden on MAFS© Channel 4


Eden, 28, has been single for the past three years, after learning that her partner had cheated with her best friend. Naturally, the experience has left her with trust issues, but rather than living in the past, Eden is focusing on the future. Can the experts find her the "ambitious, generous and loyal" partner she's been looking for? 

Jayden on MAFS© Channel 4


Jayden has a family connection to MAFS Australia – his brother, Mitch Eynaud, appeared in series nine. 

Holding down two jobs, Jayden, 26, is both a professional kickboxer and a security guard, which has left him with little time for love. 

Labelled a "bad F boy" in the past, the Queensland native admits that he's put up walls, but he believes that the right woman will be able to break them down.

Lauren on MAFS© Channel 4


32-year-old Lauren has a successful hospitality PR/marketing business and is a massive foodie. With her parents being happily married for 40 years, Lauren has high standards for her own relationship. 

Jonathan on MAFS© Channel 4


"Intellectual and emotionally engaged" Jonathan considers himself "unlucky in love" and is serious about finding a wife. The 39-year-old health business owner has worn many hats in his career, having previously served as an infantry soldier, before becoming a concreter and a financial adviser. 

Jonathan, who has travelled to over 50 countries, is keen to become a father and is hoping to find someone as equally motivated. 

Lucinda on MAFS© Channel 4


Lucinda, 43, is a grounded "earth mama" who enjoys travelling. 

A "free spirit" who dances to the beat of her own drum, Lucinda, an MC and wedding celebrant, describes herself as "a steward of love and light" and is looking for an open-minded man who is "willing to be vulnerable, have a good time and explore everything the world has to offer".

Timothy on MAFS© Channel 4


Business owner Timothy, 51, is social and outgoing but "doesn't let people in easily". 

After recently losing his father, Timothy is craving the love and emotional connection of a partner and is looking for a genuinely good, fun person. 

Jade on MAFS© Channel 9


An open book, Jade isn't afraid to say what she thinks. After growing up in South Africa, the 26-year-old now resides in Queensland with her eight-year-old daughter. 

Jade may have a tough exterior, but once she lets down her guard she's a true romantic. Can she find the kind of love you see in the movies?

Ridge on MAFS© Channel 9


A busy man, Ridge is a former Commonwealth Games weightlifter with a passion for fitness. Nowadays, he works as a Psychiatric Nurse.

Ridge admits to having a playboy persona, but in reality, he's ready to commit to a loving relationship, much like the one shared by his parents. 

Michael on MAFS© Channel 4


34-year-old salesperson Michael will do anything for those he loves. Having grown up in Ohio, Michael credits his mum and close family ties to making him the man he is today.

Michael, who's been single for five years, has his guard up when it comes to relationships but is ready to settle down. 

Stephen on MAFS © Channel 9


26-year-old Stephen is an "empathetic deep thinker" who likes to be challenged. The hairdresser is hoping to find love in a serious and monogamous relationship, which he says is hard to do in Perth.

After his last relationship ended with his partner cheating on him, Stephen doesn't want to get hurt again but is ready to let his guard down. 

Madeleine on MAFS© Channel 9


Psychic medium Madeleine is "energetic, charismatic and intense", whose life-altering ayahuasca experience gave her the gift of connecting with the spiritual world.

Following the end of a nine-year relationship, Madeleine, 30, is looking for someone kind and loyal. 

Ash on MAFS© Channel 9


Ash is a 33-year-old sales manager who is "misjudged by women because of all his tattoos". 

Ash, whose previous relationship ended 8 years ago, has old-school morals and is "tired of attracting women who walk all over him".

Natalie on MAFS© Channel 4


Physiotherapist Natalie is "a little bit nerdy" with a love of gaming. Open-minded, loyal and earnest, Natalie is looking for her very own "Player 2" and is ready for love. 

Collin on MAFS© Channel 4


Executive assistant Collins is a self-described chatterbox with zero experience when it comes to dating and relationships. 

A genuine, kind and respectful person, Collins has big ambitions and a lot of love to give.

Sara on MAFS© Channel 4


29-year-old Sara was born and raised in Colombia until she moved to Canada as a young child but has lived in Australia for the past eight years. 

An open communicator with a fiery nature, the nutritionist sometimes fears her approach can come off too strong but is happy for her future husband to put her in her place.

Tim on MAFS© Channel 4


Surfer boy Tim previously lived in Colombia, Melbourne, Thailand and Bali before eventually settling on the Gold Coast.

The 31-year-old online business owner split with his last girlfriend after finding out she was unfaithful. While he's still not fully recovered from his past heartbreak, Tim is willing to open himself up to the experiment. 

Tori on MAFS© Channel 4


Business development manager Tori is a self-proclaimed "bulldog" who doesn't "do compromise". Fiercely independent, Tori's dream match is an alpha male who is not intimidated by a strong woman. 

Jack on MAFS© Channel 4


Personal trainer Jack describes himself as an alpha male who needs a partner who will fully embrace and respect his dominant energy. The 34-year-old has high expectations and has a very structured, controlled lifestyle. 

Jack is attracted glamorous, fit, brunette women and is hoping his wife will have the patience to understand and love him unconditionally.  

Married At First Sight Australia returns for its 11th series on Monday 26 February at 7:30pm on E4 and streaming on Channel 4.