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Buying London's agents: Meet the cast, including former Made in Chelsea star and influencer

Property mogul Daniel Daggers leads the team at DDRE Global

Nicky Morris
TV and film writer
May 22, 2024
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Move over, Selling Sunset and Buying Beverly Hills because there's a brand new property reality show on Netflix – and we're already obsessed. 

Buying London focuses on property mogul Daniel Daggers and his team of agents at DDRE Global as they take on London's luxury property market. The series follows the ambitious team as they set out to "conquer the super prime high-end real estate market from the prestigious streets of Mayfair to the exclusive enclaves of Holland Park". 

The show also follows the group as they "navigate the intricacies of their personal lives as well as striving to make their mark in the glamorous world of luxury real estate". 

But who are the agents at DDRE Global? Meet the cast below. 

WATCH: The trailer for Netflix’s Buying London


Daniel Daggers© Zoe McConnell

Daniel Daggers

Daniel is the boss at DDRE Global, who describes himself as "the best agent that has ever lived" and launched his own real estate company to "revolutionise the industry". 

"For decades the luxury property market has been dominated by cliched real estate agents - old school money, went to the right universities, they look the same, there's a few of them wearing jumpers around their shoulders," the 44-year-old said in a clip. 

"My reputation and all my money is on the line, but in the story of David versus Goliath, it’s David who wins - or is it Daniel?"


Oli Hamilton© Zoe McConnell

Oli Hamilton

Smooth-talking Oli has "enviable connections" across London's high society. The agent is described as a "reformed party boy with hints of a shady past" but has now settled down with his wife Vivi. 

While he's always suited and booted, Oli can be tactless and "has an unfortunate penchant for making an awkward situation far worse". 


Reme Nicole© Zoe McConnell

Reme Nicole

At just 21, Reme is the youngest member of the team who viewers may recognise from her viral TikTok videos. While she's still in training, Reme is keen to secure some big-money deals and impress her boss Daniel, who describes her as a "rough diamond". 

While she's "warm and bubbly", Reme is also "determined and ambitious" and finds herself caught up "amongst the intense rivalry in the office ". 


Lauren Christy© Zoe McConnell

Lauren Christy

South Africa native Lauren now lives in London, where she's managed to secure a spot as DDRE's top agent. But Lauren's success seems to rock the boat in the office as Daniel's "apparent favouritism" causes some tension with the other agents.


Rosi Walden© Zoe McConnell

Rosi Walden

Former Made in Chelsea star and London native Rosi knows the city like the back of her hand. The "sweet-natured" agent is always on hand to give her colleagues advice – whether it's about their professional or personal lives. When she teams up with Oli, an unlikely friendship blossoms. 


Rasa Bagdonaviciute© Zoe McConnell

Rasa Bagdonaviciute

Rasa isn't afraid to speak her mind and never shies away from confrontation. The "headstrong" agent is very well connected and has a black book filled with the phone numbers of millionaires and billionaires. 

"But beneath the tough exterior, is there a more vulnerable side to Rasa?"


Juliana Ardenius© Zoe McConnell

Juliana Ardenius

Interior designer Juliana aims to make her properties look as glamorous as she does. She admits she can be "very naughty" when she wants to be and is entirely open about her workplace crushes, which leads to drama in the team. 

But when she emotions up about her past, it's clear that there's more to Juliana than meets the eye. 


Olivia Wayne© Zoe McConnell

Olivia Wayne

DDRE content creator Olivia is the office peacemaker, acting as the office go-between when drama arises. "Classy and level-headed", Olivia is the voice of reason.


Alex Bourne© Zoe McConnell

Alex Bourne

Alex is the founder and director of a rival agency and one of Danny's oldest friends. While their friendship goes back decades, the pair are "arch enemies" when it comes to business and never know if they can truly trust each other. 

"But underneath the professional tension and power playing, there's a mutual respect, although this could be torpedoed when it emerges Alex has his eye on more than just the next big property deal," teases Netflix. 

Buying London is available to watch on Netflix.