How to sleep in hot weather

Britain will see its hottest night in 24 years on Friday, according to reports.

The average night-time temperature is around 10.9C, but the mercury is set to reach a staggering 23C.

While most of us are enjoying this sudden surge in temperatures, many are struggling with sleeping in the heat. Sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley gives his top tips for staying cool on sticky nights.


- Drink cold beverages before bed as this helps to lower your body temperature.

- Take a cold shower – not only does it help to cool you down but it will also help you to feel fresher.

- Sleep with as little clothes as possible on under a thin, cotton sheet made from natural fibres – these help to control temperature.

- Avoid alcohol or big meals – both cause your body to produce additional heat and this will further exacerbate sleep problems.

- Open the windows – but only once the sun sets. Keep windows closed and blinds down during the daytime to avoid letting in warm air.

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