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Trinny Woodall says she loves Botox: Here's a guide to the treatment

The dos and don'ts of having Botox treatments

Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
8 February 2018
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Celebrities the world over are fans of the anti-wrinkle treatment, Botox, and now style guru Trinny Woodall has admitted she loves having the procedure done. Talking to Stella magazine, the 53-year-old TV star revealed she has the treatment so she can look her best. Trinny said: "I’m still having Botox – I started at 35 – and I love it. I’m not ashamed of wanting to look my best and of wanting other women, of any age but particularly of my age, to look as good as they can."

Botox, or Botulinum toxin to use its full name, seems to be everywhere these days. But if you choose to have the treatment, how can you ensure you have it done safely with a reputable practitioner? We've all heard the horror stories and seen celebs with frozen faces – is it possible to have Botox without going over the top?

trinny© Photo: Getty Images

Trinny Woodall has admitted to using Botox

We asked leading Cosmetic Surgeon and CMO of Dr MediSpa Dr Munir Somji for his dos and don’t's on getting Botox…

Is Botox a safe treatment?

"Botox is one of the safest treatments when performed by a qualified professional," says Dr Somji. "Most complications occur when it is injected by people who are not surgeons. If you want a safe treatment it should be performed by a dermatologist or a surgeon who is capable of diagnosing complications and handling them." He adds: "You can find a Botox practitioner by looking at their credentials. This must include a medical degree and a surgical qualification with at least five years’ experience in facial surgery. This can be found on their profile online and the GMC number online."

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Which areas of the face respond well to Botox?

"All areas respond very well," says Dr Somji. "From the forehead to eyes, masseter muscles, under the mouth and the neck. Botox treatments last between four to six months so we generally recommend patients to have it two/three times a year. I recommend Botox in certain areas of the face like the eyes and forehead from late twenties but it really varies from person to person."

botox© Photo: iStock

How much should a Botox treatment cost?

Dr Somji reveals that a Botox treatment for one area should cost around £180 to £200. "Two areas will cost between £240 to £260 and three areas is usually around £300 to £320," he says. "An 'area’ refers to one facial park e.g. eyes, forehead, brows." He also explains that a low-cost Botox treatment can set off alarm bells, signalling an unsafe procedure or product. "If your Botox is too cheap, you are either having ‘fake Botox’ injected which is seen commonly or having diluted Botox. Unsafe treatments include eyebrow dropping, eyelid drooling visual disturbances such a blurred vision."

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When should you avoid having Botox?

Some medical conditions may mean Botox is unsuitable for certain people, so it's essential to discuss this with your practitioner first. Dr Smji explains: "Any neuromuscular disorders and previous allergies should be excluded upon examination and a full medical history must be disclosed."

What can you do if your Botox treatment goes wrong?

"If your treatment goes wrong you should initially seek the advice of the doctor that performed the treatment, or if you have gone to a non-qualified individual, seek out a qualified cosmetic surgeon. There are medications that can be provided to help until Botox has worn off."

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