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Californian highlights: Turning celebs into beach babes all year long

August 28, 2012
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Everyone loves the blonde streaks that begin to shine through after some time spent in the sun. But now you can get those gorgeous highlights any time of year, without drying out your hair and your skin. If you want to show off the beach babe look without sunbathing, all you have to do is visit the hairdressers and ask for Californian highlights.


What are Californian highlights? In the seventies hairdressers of southern California discovered how to recreate this sun-kissed style. They started by rubbing a thicker coating of dye into the tips and reducing the quantity little by little as they worked their way up to the roots, creating a gradual faded effect from the darker natural hues at the roots down to the lighter tones at the tips. Ambassador par excellence, Gisele Bundchen, looks fantastic with her tousled tresses.Blondes or Brunettes This hairdressing technique, despite what some may think, is just as suitable for brunettes as it is for blondes. Take a look at spectacular Alexa Chung and her gorgeous dark locks. Shades of hazelnut and ochre are used on blondes, while caramel, honey and brandy tones are applied to the ends of dark brown tresses.


Salon Style Don't attempt this process at home; leave it the professionals. Each salon has its own procedure, but they all agree on one thing: highlights should be applied vertically, as opposed to the traditional horizontal technique. Experts recommend using only a subtle colour difference between the roots and tips. A drastic contrast may create the impression that your hair is in bad condition and your roots need to be done. When Californian highlights are applied to untreated and uncoloured hair, your new look should last for around six months.How to flaunt your new look Say goodbye to ponytails. Wear your hair in subtle layers to show off the highlights. Blanca Suarez strategically tousles her mane to create a messy look, and Sarah Jessica Parker lets her soft waves fall lightly over her shoulders to frame her face.

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