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The benefits of leave-in hair conditioners

Prevent your hair from getting dry and damaged this winter

woman applying hair conditioner
December 8, 2017
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We all condition our hair on a daily basis, but using a leave-in conditioner can make a massive difference to tresses if they're dry or damaged. We spoke to some of the U.K.'s top hair experts about the benefits of leave-in conditioners and gathered a list of some of the best on the market today.

"Leave-in conditioners are great for giving your hair some extra conditioning and providing it with moisture and softness," Michelle Paterson, Hair Manager at Pouts & Pinups, told us. "Leave-in conditioners come in many different forms, from liquids to creams and sprays and can be left on the hair until its next wash." But did you know these products are also great to use on dry hair in between washes too? "Doing this will restore lost moisture, give your hair nourishment and shine and combat frizz," Michelle smiled.

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woman applying hair conditioner

Leave-in conditioner can give your hair nourishment and shine

Another benefit of a leave-in conditioners is that they can be used to detangle knotted hair. Neil Barton, Owner of Neil Barton Hairdressing, said that these products contain ingredients that add softness to unruly, unmanageable hair, allowing it to be detangled easier. "For those who have hair that tends to tangle and knot easily, you can apply this product to damp hair and it will release the knots and allow the hair to be brushable and easy to style," he shared.

CO by Andrew Collinge Hair Moisturiser is a fabulous hydrating spray that works to revitalise and calm down frizzy hair, giving locks a healthy shine whilst smoothing, detangling and moisturising the hair. This makes coarse, porous hair feel soft and manageable and makes brushing easier. It also has the added benefit of built-in heat protection too. Or, if you have fine and damaged hair, then JOICO K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor is a good choice. This leave-in reconstructive liquid protein spray offers fine hair strength, shine, and support without adding weight – what's not to love?

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