The One Show's Matt Baker has a rugged new look – love it or hate it?

The TV host surprised viewers with his change in appearance on Monday

It's the debate that just carries on and on among men and women up and down the country – are beards a good look or not? We all know some blokes suit facial hair more than others and now one popular TV presenter has shown off his new fuzzy face after the Christmas break. Yes, The One Show's Matt Baker has grown a beard. Apparently that's huge news. Why? Because the show's fans are hotly debating his new look on social media – some are loving his beard and others are not impressed. Matt's co-host Alex Jones even mentioned his rugged appearance at the end of Monday's show, revealing the subject was buzzing on social media. Alex said: "The hot topic is Matt's beard," adding, "Some love it, some hate it! I love it, what do you think?"

Photo credit: Twitter/BBCTheOneShow

The show's Twitter page posted: "New Year, new beard" and then the comments flooded in. "New Year. New Look. New TV crush," posted one admirer. Another wrote: "Very hot. Looks younger!" while one fan said, "It is all about dashing tashes and beards today."

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However, others were not liking the beard and they didn't hold back with their views. One follower said: "Give him a razor, the holidays are over." One wrote: "AARGH! Why hide a nice smile behind facial floof? Get it off!" Another follower pointed out the potential issues with the beard, saying: "If it carried on he'll start getting food trapped in it. Hopefully that will be the end of it."

Oh dear, poor Matt. Things didn't get much better for him when Alex mentioned his new footwear on air too. She said: "Matt's also got trainers on tonight, he's changed." Matt was quick to defend himself though, revealing that the trainers were actually Alex's idea and she told him to wear them. On Twitter, one fan wasn't pleased, writing: "Don't like the beard and Matt had black socks on with white trainers. That's a definite no go."

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Matt, we think you look great! Let us know your views on the 'Baker beard' – should it stay or should it go?

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