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Royals with fringes! 15 photos of royals with bangs for your haircut inspiration

Who remembers these iconic royal hairstyle moments?

royals with fringes
12 January 2022
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Kate middleton bangs fringe

Fringes - or bangs - always come back into fashion. It's a hairstyle with over a 1000 year history and everyone from Cleopatra to Anna Wintour have sported it. Of course, the royal family aren't immune to it's attraction either. Over the years, practically everyone of the leading royal ladies have tried the style. Here, we count the best blue-blooded bangs going...

The Duchess of Cambridge

Kate's hairstyles have to be one of the most watch of anybody in the 21st century and when she debuted her retro fringe in 2012 people went mad for it. 

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princess sofia of sweden bangs

Princess Sofia of Sweden 

Princess Sofia of Sweden debuted her new look for 2022, stepping out in Stockholm sporting a fresh set of straight-across bangs. And doesn't she look fabulous?

meghan markle bangs

Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle swapped her usual sleek hairstyle for a stylish chignon with face-framing bangs back in 2018 during her royal visit to Brighton - and royal fans went wild for the look. 

princess anne hair fringe bangs

Princess Anne

You may be mistaken for thinking that Princess Anne has only ever had one type of hairstyle, not disimilar to her mother's but no - Anne didn't escape the fringe trend of the '70s as demonstrated in this photograph of her posing in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. 

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camilla parker bowles fringe

The Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla certainly knows what suits her - we're not sure she's ever had a different hairstyle. And, hats off to her. After all, you know what they say, if it ain't broke... 

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princess charlene fringe© Photo: Getty Images

Princess Charlene of Monaco

Princess Charlene of Monaco debuted an edgy new look in Nice in August 2020, while watching the Tour de France with her husband Prince Albert.

The royal has previously sported a fuller fringe but she updated her look for autumn with shorter baby bangs. Charlene also sported a bold yellow jacket and a face mask, which appeared to bear the catchphrase of Batman villain the Joker, reading: "Why so serious?"

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princess diana bangs hair fringe

Princess Diana

Diana always kept her short but experimented with many types of fringes over her lifetime. She had the shaggy, choppy fringe in her teens; the soft, volumonous fringe of the '80s but perhaps her most iconic was this bang-on '90s chop. 

princess eugenie hair fringe

Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie, like every other '90s kid, rocked a fringe when she was little and brought it back for a few years in the early 2010s. She decided to rock a simple middle parting for her 2018 nuptials however. 

sarah ferguson hair fringe

The Duchess of York

Sarah Ferguson has styled her auburn locks into bangs on more than one occasion and we think it might just be the hairstyle we like best on her. 

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queen letizia hair fringe

Queen Letizia 

Queen Letizia of Spain is known for her incredible bob and hair that shines so bright it would give Olivia Palermo a run for her money but back in 2014, she did experiment with a fringe albeit a very subtle one. 

queen maxima hair

Queen Maxima

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is not a royal who has ever committed to a full block-fringe but often has her hair cut to a deep, subtle side-fringe. We love. 

princess caroline fringe

Princess Caroline of Monaco

Princess Caroline has had a fringe intermittently for most of her life and we can see why. How gorgeous does she look with the style in this 1982 photograph?

sophie wessex hair fringe

The Countess of Wessex

Back in 2016, Sophie had her bob styled with a very subtle side fringe which she kept for a couple of years.

zara phillips fringe bangs

Zara Tindall

Attending an event in London back in 2011, Zara showcased perhaps the most bold style of fringe we've seen from any royal yet. Very trend-forward for the time, huh?

princess charlene fringe pixie

Princess Charlene of Monaco

We adored this super-short styled fringe on Princess Charlene. It's certainly not easy to pull of a one-inch fringe and a pixie crop at the same time. 

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