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How Kirstie Allsopp maintains her 2 stone weight loss

The Location, Location, Location star has opened up about her daily routine

Chloe Best
Chloe BestLifestyle Features Editor
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Kirstie Allsopp has given some insight into how she maintains her two-stone weight loss. The Location, Location, Location presenter, who made a conscious effort to slim down in 2017, has made exercise a big part of her daily routine and wakes up at 6.15am before work for a workout.

"I'm straight into my exercise kit for a workout," Kirstie told The Sun, adding: "I run up hills and then walk down them." The 46-year-old has also found a way to make the school run more active too: "I do the school run on my scooter. It's brilliant," she said.

Kirstie Allsopp Chelsea Flower Show© Photo: Getty Images

Kirstie tries to stay active and eat healthily to maintain her weight loss

Exercise aside, Kirstie also tries to follow a healthy diet. "It's a battle to eat healthily. When I'm working, we often have a pub lunch, and I'll try to order a salad, but it depends what else is on offer. I'm usually tempted by something more exciting on the menu," she revealed.

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Kirstie has previously told HELLO! the secret to her dramatic weight loss, saying it's due to cutting potatoes, wine and sugar out of her diet. She tried a few diets - cutting carbs, but again struggled, until she discovered Amelia Freer's metabolic balance. "I followed the program and the weight fell off," Kirstie told HELLO!. "I did it all at home, within my home environment. It’s all about basically cutting out potatoes, wine - I don't drink any wine - and sugar."

The Location, Location, Location star spoke to HELLO! about her weight loss

"I don't have sugar in my tea anymore so I don’t really like tea, which means sadly now I don’t really drink tea anymore which I miss, but not massively," she continued. "I will have sugar as a very rare treat but pretty much I don’t eat it on a day to day basis. I eat sour dough, not that often, and not much other bread. Apart from that there’s not a massive difference. I eat three meals a day. I leave a five hour gap between meals. I drink water between meals and I make sure I eat protein first, always my first mouthful, then greens."

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