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Nadia Sawalha in tears over body image worries in emotional new video

Nadia was praised for her honesty

loose women nadia sawalha cries
Hanna Fillingham
US Managing Editor
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Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha recently posted a motivational post on Instagram about her cellulite to encourage other women to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their own skin. And while the TV presenter looked like she was full of confidence in the video, it was a very different story behind the scenes. In a new YouTube video, Nadia broke down in tears as she confessed to her husband Mark Adderley that she felt worried that people wouldn't have nice things to say about her posting the video, and that she would embarrass her two teenage daughters. Nadia also had a heart-to-heart about her insecurities with her mum Betty and mother-in-law Dianne, where she admitted her cellulite had plagued so much of her adulthood and had impacted her enjoyment when going on holiday and wearing a swimsuit.

loose women nadia sawalha tears

Nadia Sawalha was emotional as she opened up about her worries over posting about her cellulite

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In the video's caption, Nadia wrote a lengthy message about the reason she decided to share the footage of her cellulite, and how her daughter Maddie had helped reassure her that it really didn't matter. She wrote: "WARNING this video contains graphic footage of the dreaded condition known as cellulite. You may need to avert your eyes as it’s so hideous many of you who may have loved/liked or loathed me may fundamentally change the way you think about me!!! Ridiculous statement right?? But unfortunately it’s the way I’ve felt for decades. Years ago some photos were published of me in a newspaper of me and my sister in bikinis playing in the sea having the time of our lives. Yes I was overweight but so the fuck what ! The papers headline and went something like how dare she go on the beach in a bikini looking like that! Sadly even though I laughed it off it’s been like a worm in my brain for years!"

nadia sawalha family

Nadia and her husband Mark and their two daughters

She continued: "Always embarrassed by the pool , never wearing shorts , always covered up! @loosewomen body stories did a huge amount for my body confidence but I haven’t been able to shake the 'shame' of my cellulite! But you know what I'm now sick and tired of being sick and tired so from this day forth no more shame for something that at the end of the day doesn't say a damn thing about me as a person it’s just a physical thing! I'm not going to lie I almost didn’t post (got in a right old pickle about it !) this but it was my daughter @maddiemaddieee saying 'mum I don’t see what’s wrong with cellulite' with such innocence that gave me my wake up call!! No more shame. Done. Signora Cellulita I’m going to be kinder to you you’re just part of me!! Bloody hell it took me long enough?!!"

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Nadia's friends and followers were quick to praise her in the comments section of the post. One wrote: "Well done for posting beautiful lady. I've had it for years and only now at 56 do I think 'what the hell!" Another added: "Good for you! So thankful for your post and bravery. You are beautiful and a fine example of a woman!" A third commented: "So proud of you. I have it and hate it. I'm obsessed with thinking everyone else has smooth thighs."

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