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Looking for fitness motivation while in lockdown? We asked a military fitness expert for his top tips

Attention! A military fitness expert has some top tips - and making your bed is one of them...

military training
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Aldo Kane (@aldokane), former Royal Marines Commando Sniper and world-record-setting adventurer, has teamed up with Manor London (where he regularly trains) to bring insight into the best ways to deal with motivation and staying fit during lockdown. Working in some of the most extreme, remote, and hostile corners of the world in the TV and film industry and having been on 13 World first expeditions, Aldo knows a thing or two about isolation, motivation and fitness. Having spent 10 days on his own, locked in a nuclear bunker three stories underground with zero contact with the outside world, his mental game is stronger than most and he’s here to teach you and give his top tips... 

military fitness

Aldo Kane

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1. Plan your day the night before

Write out an achievable to do list both personal and fitness orientated. In isolation we all need routine and discipline. Remember what’s easy to do is easy not to do. Once you have done something on the list, tick it off. If you have done something that wasn’t on the list, write it on the list then tick it off. These small wins highlight success and keep a positive mindset.    

2. Get up and make your bed

It might seem obvious but is neglected by most. This is the start to your day, underline it by demonstrating some discipline. It might seem basic but it says a lot about a person. Lay your gym kit out the night before and set an alarm. When it goes off, just get up and get your kit on and get it done first thing. The rest of your day is then yours.    

3. Break it down & write it down

Short term goals and mid-term goals give you something to check progress against. For example, I could set myself a goal that by the end of the week I will be able to run non-stop for one mile. By breaking them up once again, you create achievable small wins, and by writing it down, you then become accountable to yourself.

4. Use the 15-minute rule

If you don’t feel like training, strap on your trainers and give yourself 15 minutes on the run/circuit. If after 15 minutes you decide you still don’t want to train then fair enough…it rarely happens.  

5. Virtually train with others

Association is two things: Powerful and subtle. Surround yourself [virtually] with positive people who are on the same wavelength as you and you will find this boosts you and motivates you. If you’re hanging [virtually] with the wrong crowd then it becomes easy not to train. Find a solid squad, decide on a time and check-in with each other every day at that same time. Make it an online event and no one will want to miss out. 

6. Keep checking on yourself and your progress

Accountability is key. It’s easy to get bogged down in the moment or worry about how big/far away the goal is, but take a second out to look at where you have come from. This time will pass whether you use it productively or not, it’s your choice how you come out the other side.

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7. Get outside

It’s a proven fact that exercising outside is both great for your physical health and your mental health. You can’t have one without the other. Daylight and exercise is king when it comes to being motivated, but be sure to follow the current government guidelines. 

8. Try and do something every single day

Our bodies are meant to be used and active. Vary your programme to keep it interesting and if you’re getting bored, change it up.  

9. Reduce your calories and alcohol intake, create a routine

When in isolation we are much less active than normal. That means we don’t need as many calories. By eating healthily we can hit the gains hard from both sides, exercise and our diet. Of course, temptation is heightened and we all love our snacks, but try and stick to a similar eating pattern each day and stay in a routine. Just like you would in the office, or in your ‘normal’ working week.

10. Build the inner citadel

Take 20 to 30 minutes every day to work on your mobility, flexibility and headspace. A resilient body needs a resilient mind. Breathe & Focus. Let the emotions surface. We hold a lot of stress and anxiety within our bodies and don’t tend to address this when moving in a fast-paced society. During this time, let these rise, understand them, sit with them, then let them go. 

The mental is just as important as the physical during times like these. Try these 10 steps for the next 10 days and you'll notice the change in your mindset.

Manor London has also put together a 6-week online fitness programme calleed The Manor Blitz. It's purely bodyweight and inspired by their renowned military training. Priced at £30 and free for NHS workers. 

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