The best ladies bikes to buy for summer: Get inspired by the cycle-loving stars

The celebs have inspired us to find some fab two-wheelers for ladies, from hybrids to mountain bikes

Karen Silas

Getting good exercise is even more essential these days, and one great way to get outside AND get moving is cycling. And as Britain's Got Talent star Amanda Holden recently proved when she rode a fire engine red Electra wearing hot pants, you can even look pretty cute doing it! (Don’t forget to wear a helmet, though!)

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It’s also important to remember that not only are bikes great for exercise, they’re a great independent mode of getting around that can lessen your time on crowded public transport – something that’s definitely a plus as social distancing measures will likely be in place for some time, even after lockdown. In fact, in honor of 2020 Bike Week from June 6-14th, insurance company Urban Jungle revealed that there has been a big uptick in people cycling, with insurance enquiries up 60 percent year on year in May.

amanda holden bike

Amanda Holden is our summer cycling inspiration 

And whether you want a hybrid or mountain bike with all the bells and whistles or prefer a vintage-style bike with a basket that doesn’t shirk on quality, there’s a perfect bicycle out there for you.

Ladies bike with a basket

Let’s face it – some of us just aren’t into bikes that look, well, too sporty, which accounts for the popularity of bicycles with a flowers-and-baguette-in-your-basket vintage vibe.

pinnacle californium womens hybrid bike

Pinnacle Californium 1 2020 Women's Hybrid Bike, £350.00, Evans Cycles


Ladies hybrid bike 

A hybrid bike is the closest to an all-purpose bicycle as it’s a fusion of a mountain bike and touring bike – the best of both worlds!

raleigh pioneer tour bike

Raleigh Pioneer Tour 700, £434.99, Rutland Cycling


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Ladies electric bike

E-bikes run on rechargeable batteries – they will get you to your destination faster and you’ll never have to worry about climbing up a hill on just thigh power again.

argos ladies bike

E-Plus Hybrid Electric Bike, £549.99, Argos


Ladies folding bike

A folding bike is a great option if you want to travel light, especially on city commutes or if you take a trip by car because it folds up to be compact enough to fit just about anywhere.

pink folding bike cute

Brompton M6L 2020 Folding Bike, starting at £1,145, Evans Cycles


 Ladies mountain bike 

Hit the trails with a mountain bike, which features specially-designed suspension systems and rugged wheels so you can tackle various types of terrain.

ladies mountain bike

Mongoose Boundary 1 W 2020 Women's Mountain Bike, £260, Evans Cycles


Ladies city bike

If you are going for shorter rides on flat roads – for example, for rides around your neighbourhood or a city commute – an urban bike is for you. This Electra – the same brand as Amanda Holden rode – is particularly fashionable, with a pop-art inspired design.

Electra Andi ladies bike

Electra Andi, £703.99, Bikester


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Once you've got your bike sorted, you'll need the kit too. Check out these accessories and safety gear below.

Hedkayse Unique 

Using cutting edge technology, this one-size-fits-all helmet using a unique Enkayse liner so that you can use time and time again despite any bumps you might get along the way, while it is recommended that you should replace standard helmets after one knock. The helmet is available in a variety of different colours, or you can design your very own unique helmet, where you can choose any colour and add any pictures or text you fancy to the helmet. 


Hedkayse helmet, £150, Hedkayse


Waterproof pannier bike bag

There's nothing worse than arriving at your destination with a clammy back, which is why you might want to invest in a pannier. This waterproof bag is perfectly designed to carry your everyday items, and also comes in a fetching Bordeaux colour.


Waterproof pannier bike bag, £24.99, Decathlon


Pannier Rack

Of course, you'll need a rack to fit your new bag on too! This sturdy rack easily attaches to the rear of your bike.


Pannier rack, £19.99, Decathlon


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