The best gym equipment to make exercising at home easier

Plus, how to use them effectively

Abigail Malbon

With gyms still closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, opportunities to exercise and stay fit are admittedly harder than ever. Granted, we're now free to do so outdoors for unlimited amounts of time, and a number of personal trainers and fitness experts are offering both socially-distanced outdoor and virtual tutorials to help us keep our bodies active and our minds healthy, but having some of your own equipment can really help take your workout up a notch. Here, we've rounded up the very best buys to invest in now and use forever, because sometimes heading out to the gym isn't always so appealing... 

Abdominal roller


This handy tool is a great at-home exercise buy - but be sure to use the included mat so you don’t roll too fast and cause injury.

To use, get onto all fours, grab the ab roller with both hands, lift your feet and slowly roll forward and back, keeping your core tight at all times. It’ll take some practice, but you’ll get there.

Abdominal exercise roller, £14.99, Amazon




If you’re got a spacious garden, this power rope could be a saviour. Attach it to a tree, or something stationary, and try to lift the whole rope using your body weight.

Power rope, £14, Amazon




This clever device is designed to increase strength in your arms. It works by using isometric resistance - all you need to do is move your arm, and the faster you go, the harder it works. It can also help with injuries, although it’s best to consult your doctor if possible before using it for physiotherapy.

Powerball powerspin, £24.99, Amazon


Stationary exercise bike


When the weather takes a turn for the worst, this bike will help you emulate some of the feelings of being out on the open road. Shoppers love the sturdiness and ease of assembly. 

Indoor cycling exercise bike, £229.99, Amazon




For some simple at-home exercises, you won’t go wrong with kettlebells. We recommend opting for a selection of weights, so you can move up as you improve, or share them with others in your house.

Kettlebell weight set, £49.99, Amazon


Yoga mat


Starting the day with a yoga class is guaranteed to set you up well, and all you need is a mat and an internet connection to access the many great tutorial videos online. We love this reversible Lululemon one, which is made with a technical top layer designed to absorb sweat to stop you from slipping and is super lightweight so, when the time comes, you'll have no trouble transporting it around London. 

Reversible yoga mat, £48, Lululemon


Training bands


For use with gentle stretching to weight training and cross training, these bands are a handy little tool, and lightweight enough to take to the gym when you can visit again.

Elastic training bands, £9.99, Amazon


Weighted hula hoop


If you loved hula hooping as a child, this weighted version is a great way to tone your waist and hips at home - just make sure you give yourself plenty of space!

Weighted hula hoop, £21.85, Amazon


Foam roller


Anyone who has used a foam roller before will know that they can help alleviate muscle aches - but you’ll need to go through a little pain to get there! Use this after an intense workout by rolling along your back, sides, thighs, calves - or anywhere else that feels tight. It’s designed to increase circulation and help you recover better.

Sports foam roller, £7.99, Amazon


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