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Rebecca Adlington reveals the 5 wellness secrets she swears by during lockdown

The Olympian shared her mental health and fitness tips with HELLO!

rebecca adlington fitness wellness advice olympic swimmer
Kate Thomas
Lifestyle Managing Editor
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Lockdown has been a challenging time for all of us – even Rebecca Adlington OBE! The former Olympic swimmer spoke to HELLO! about how she's been keeping motivated and fit during lockdown after initially struggling to stay positive when coronavirus hit.

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Rebecca has been spending quality time at home with daughter Summer, five – who she co-parents with ex-husband Harry Needs – and her partner Andrew Parsons. The sports star, 31, shared her top tips for finding your mojo again and turning lockdown into a positive experience. Read on to find out how she's worked wonders for her mental health...

Rebecca shared a snapshot of her lockdown regime with HELLO! 

Rebecca Adlington on keeping fit during lockdown

I found it hard at first because I am used to going for a swim or to the gym. You're not as motivated at home, you don't push yourself… But I've got into my routine with exercise, I've found a couple of Instagram accounts that I love and are suited to my ability.

I've started running – but I am not a runner at all! I've found my little route, I put a little podcast on, and run at my own pace. It's a way to keep exercising.

Rebecca Adlington on diet during lockdown

At the start, I just wanted to eat c**p all the time! I was like, 'Let's bake another cake!' Even though I'd already had four that week! Now, I bake one thing a week. I've found my rhythm and I want to be healthier. I was having a glass of wine every night, but now I hardly drink anymore, my diet is so much better.

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Rebecca Adlington on date nights during lockdown

My partner [property developer Andrew] is still working 9-5 and he goes in twice a week, so it's been easier for us in some ways. We haven't been bored or had nothing to do! We've been sitting in the garden, we're reading books, and we're making an effort with date nights.

Last week, I went to M&S and bought picky bits, we had a bottle of Bucks Fizz, we played a game together. It's not about what you're doing, it's all about spending time together. We've adapted!

rebecca adlington boyfriend andrew parsons

The sports star is enjoying date nights at home with boyfriend Andrew Parsons

Rebecca Adlington on looking after yourself during lockdown

I also think it's really important that if you want a day to slob on the sofa, you take it. I've had good and bad weeks, there's been weeks where I feel terrible and I don't want to leave my house, you've just got to go with it.

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Rebecca Adlington on parenting during lockdown

Summer has soon adapted to it. She's loved spending time with mummy and daddy. Normally we're such in a rush, we pick her up from school, take her to tennis or swimming, so for the first time she's spent real quality time with us.

I don't feel we've 'homeschooled' her as she's a bit too young, we've mainly played educational games with her - and her reading has come on immensely which I'm really pleased about. We're trying to get her helping around about the house, teaching her how to cook and how to look after things.

rebecca adlington olympian daughter summer

Rebecca has been loving spending quality time with daughter Summer, five

Rebecca Adlington on finding a wellness technique that works for her

Rebecca is the Wellness Ambassador for the award-winning aesthetic and wellbeing clinic KLNIK and has helped to create their new package - The Five Rings of Wellness - alongside medical director Dr Rosh.

The Five Rings of Wellness: 

1. Performance: ‘The action or process of performing a task or function’. 

2. Lifestyle: ‘The way in which a person lives’ 

3. Leadership: ‘The action of guidance, direction and control over yourself and/or others’ 

4. Your Team, Friends and Family: ‘Coming together to achieve a common goal' 

5. Vision: ‘The ability to engage with, or plan the future with imagination or wisdom’

Exploring these five 'rings' helps to activate and optimise your mental fitness and wellbeing. KLNIK can help create your own personal journey, of which a module can include a mind and body positive session with Rebecca. 

rebecca adlington olympic medals swimming athlete

The Olympian swears by The Five Rings of Wellness to keep her life balanced 

She explains: "The rings are symbolic – like the Olympic rings – and interlocked, which is exactly what we felt the five rings represented. If one area is a little bit out of sync then it affects them all.

"Vision has been a key part of lockdown. Part of mine is being the best mum I can be. I also want to see every child leaving primary school being able to swim. At the start of lockdown, I was in my PJs most days. I'm not doing that anymore – it's helped me be more productive!"

To discover more about the Five Rings of Wellness visit: 

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